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4 hours ago, MisterrSingh said:

You started the fire. Don't get salty when someone refuses to bend over for you.

Nobody is asking you to bend over bro, and if you forget about how police are, what it's like for you and yours to be opressed...and that a statue might get knocked over..well I'm here as a wretched reminder for you veer ji. 

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What do you call a Punjabi who stands six feet away from others..?

Shoshal Distan Singh!

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    • Can you tell us where in Gurbani bir rass is defined as an emotion?   It's a very important question.  This is the second time I am asking you to give the source.  
    • The fact that you as a Muslim take time and spend your time on a Sikh forum EVERYDAY is all the answers I personally need bro. Please don't be speaking about women... You talk a lot, but we all know the relationship of Islam and women. I could speak about Muhammad, I could speak about the various different Hadiths that show his actions. But why would I wanna do that? What's the point? Why not spend time to make yourself into a better person. Do something productive because you clearly have nothing else going for yourself. It's pretty evident. Your lack of research is really showing. Unlike you, we don't need to prove our dharam to no one. That's what all you Abrahamic religions don't understand. You got Muslims trying to make the Quran into a science textbook, when in reality it's constantly getting challenged by various academics. I mean look at Yasir Qadhi. Already questions regarding the preservation of the Quran saying the narrative has holes in it. But that's a whole different topic that your Ummah should discuss. Arguing gets you literally nowhere, essentially wasting time on Earth when you could spend that time helping the various struggling Muslim communities across the world right now. The same time you could spend connecting to god.    Think about the culture within India before the Gurus arrived. Yeah, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj could've done all that. However, it was hukam. The command of Akal Purakh that there would be 10 Gurus, yet the message remained the same and flowed through each Guru. Closed minded Abrahamics can't understand Dharamic thinking. We don't wish for women and wine in some after life. We want to merge back into Akal Purakh. While the West was rich with materialistic things the Indian subcontinent was rich in spirituality. Always has been. This is where it originated from.  You think Waheguru is an Indian supremacist? Just because the Gurus were born in the Indian sub-continent? Where was the idea of "India" During that time period? Let's apply that thinking towards Islam shall we? I believe the whole religion of Islam is basically an Arab supremacist religion. The Arabs spread their religion onto other countries. You adopted Arabic words that were around WAY before Islam, such as the word Allah. Adopted Arabic clothing, read Arabic scriptures, speak Arabic, pray towards an Arab shrine located in Saudi Arabia which was originally a center for the various Arab Pagan gods. Islam is an ARAB religion. Why? Because it was established in ARABIA. IT HAD TO START SOMEWHERE.  And yet do Arabs consider Pakistanis or anyone else as their equals? The answer is no. That's pretty evident. I grew up  Arabs, and you should hear the things they say about Pakistanis, Afghans and anyone else who isn't Arab. Most of these guys are really interested in Sikhi. It's you non Arabs who have an inferiority complex towards them.   
    • Not foot. Feet. Mecca moved to wherever the Qazi moved Guru Sahib's feet.   Haven't heard that one. Will look into it.   My dear neighbour, who would need a counter argument when the best scholars of Islam never had an argument in the first place?   That is MY fault. It is the fault of EVERY Sikh on this forum, in the street you live in, in the cities they inhabit and the countries they reside in. Guru Nanak gave us (and you) the message, yet because of our (sikh) weaknesses we have not be able to take them to a level or audience they deserve.   Yes for many reasons. One is that the sword is never to attack to but to defend. This mentality had to be drummed into Sikhs first. But you didn't get your degree with your nursery teacher when you were 3 or 4 years old did you? You went to different schools, had many teachers for 18 odd years before you were rewarded with your degree. That is the same with Gurmat. The birth and strengthening of Gurmat could not be confined to one man's lifetime. But I could aslo ask you, why the best of planners, Allah needed to send 124,999 prophets before he send the best one. Before he, the best of planners after thousands of years sent the "perfect example of man" to guide others. Why not just have this perfect example as the first and only ? Surely that would have been the best of planning yes?
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