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Do You Believe Khalistan Will Become A Country ?


Do you believe Khalistan will become a country ?  

39 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you believe Khalistan will ever become an actual nation?

    • Yes, within 20 years
    • Yes, in 50 years
    • Yes, in 100+ years
    • Someday we will get it, don't know when
    • It is impssible for Khalistan to ever become a country / No Hope
    • I don't support the creation of any seperate Sikh country
  2. 2. What will be the biggest problem for an independent Khalistan

    • Territory / Borders
    • Future Wars, Conflicts, and Terrorism
    • International Recognition
    • Drugs
    • Form Of Government
    • Leadership/Politicians
    • Economy
    • International Recognition
    • India will see us as Pakistan #2

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Forgive me if you are just completely tired of talking about Khalistan because I know the subject has been discussed to death.

Just wanted to get some numbers on what people think, because I was thinking about working on a project in the future

If you think I should add another choice to the questions, please let me know

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If it is restricted to punjab then hopefully not. Khalistan should be far more ambitious.

Khalistan is not worth discussing in my lifetime as we have several internal kaumi conflicts that need resolving.

I.e. terminating the goi stranglehold over sikh institutions and leadership.

Badal family nu gaddi charana should be top priority.

Khalistan demands is an elephant in the room that we need to get over as its gives goi an excuse to crackdown on us.

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Ps surprised economy is so low in votes.. the general economic condition of landlocked nations are terrible... I.e.Ethiopia

Then again veerji, Ethiopia doesn't actually produce goods which anybody really needs. Its chief export seems to be emaciated marathon runners. The same is true of all the landlocked African and central Asian countries, which manufacture nothing of use and are largely barren and infertile.

The Punjab cannot be likened to these nations. She is very arable and well-watered. India is barely capable of ensuring that all her people are properly fed. She will be even less capable of ensuring this in the event that she loses the Punjab, her so-called 'breadbasket', compelled to import Khalistani grain and vegetables in order to pacify her discontented masses.

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