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Could you name 10 Sikhs in the west that did something for Sikhi?


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10 hours ago, genie said:


Not sure she qualifys here she probably in the category of personal development/ promoting non-sikh ideologies.


I forgot to mention that her PSL books are used in panjabi schools on Sundays. Thats wat she did: used her experience and knowledge of education to create curriculum, syllabus, n books for panjabi schools

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On 3/15/2017 at 11:43 PM, Khalistanisinghni said:

There are a few writers/poets/poetess on the internet, including harman kaur, fiverriverflow, jusmun. (Instagram mainly)

While I agree with you, they claim to be promoting sikhi in their own way. Speaking up for Khalistan/Punjab? (Though I personally don't look up to them)

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Guest GuestSingh
Just now, Sukhvirk76 said:

LOL really..! And what gives you the right to determine that.. 

These guys however they came to sikhi is irrelevant.. They have dedicated their lives to learning ie. Being a Sikh what makes you a Sikh and not them? Is this a joke? 

This is no joke. Please research their name if you require evidence or to educate yourself about their distorted ideas and practices of Sikhi. Also, I did not question their journey. What is only in doubt here is their right to this identity. What they have done false, treacherous and disgusting. I am not going to waste any more of my time writing about them or take the thread off-topic.

I think the single/lone parcharaaks e.g. Bhai Sukha Singh, Bhai Amardeep Singh etc. do a good job too.

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they openly preach a milgoba of philosophies preached to them from Yogi Bhajan  and attribute it to sikhi . Remember That Yogi ji openly declared that Guru Gobind SIngh ji was wrong and mistaken to give sikhi to Punjabis , that white people are more pure .


although counts soul body twice ...I did listen to the whole thing .

they go on to teach this :

so Bhai Bachittar SIngh ji who they obliquely refer to  gained his strength not through Gurbani or Guru ji di mehr but yoga poses . at 50:00 he starts explaining a mantra taken from Jaap Sahib he claims Yogi ji taught them , then explains that the gurbani will only take you so far (arrow thrown by hand) but with the MUDRA then it will reach further (arrow with a bow). I don't know about you that sounds like saying Gurbani is incomplete to save people i.e. beadbhi

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Chardikala jatha are hazoori rages. Linking them with 3ho has got nothing to do with Sikhism. It's like linking me with the ragamuffin rastas that I used to hang out with.  So what you guys wanna call me a "ganja Sikh" ???

I can't believe how members can just rant the same thing and absolutely have no idea what yoga really is. shame on you!!

most importantly for me, I wouldn't have discovered what Sikhi was about until some 3ho goray caught my attention and opened my eyes. and if any of you guys think that my vision is distorted, then I respectfully challenge you to show me as per gurbani and nothing else. No videos, no hearsay, just the ultimate truth of gurbani.

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15 minutes ago, jkvlondon said:

do you know what the true qualification is to be hazoori raagi?

This is what the bare minimum you need to have to be able to do kirtan sewa at Harmandir sahib and other Gurdwarey. you need to have mastered all 31 raags in Guru ji and have memorised over 100 shabads  as you are not allowed to be reading off pothian and phones . Shudh uccharan is also a major issue for kirtaniyas.

I doubt seriously Anyone in yogi Bhajan's group who visited and performed in 1971 qualified  but the committee stretched the rules because the outfit were supported by Indira  and they were Goray ... Truth is most of them hadn't had amrit until they got to India and didn't know what it entailed or its significance but Yogi sold it to them . 

Ask any kirtaniya how many years it takes to achieve that level of mastery and they'll tell you many many years.

are you serious here??

You are saying that chardikala jatha are some Back door hazoori ragees ..shame on you again,



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    • Sikh Reddit is pathetic, it’s run by a fat POS.  It’s natural to want a virgin if you’re a virgin yourself, so I don’t blame u. Especially when you’re religious and following Sikhi, it just feels so wrong to be w/ someone who is not a virgin.  As a woman it’s easy to find a virgin man b/c any man who tells you he is a virgin is 99% not lying lol. But I understand it is harder to find a virgin woman since ur a man. Since ur in the west it’s gonna be 100% even harder, as only 4% of woman are virgins at marriage in the west. Nowadays there are more virgin men than women. A lot of women will also lie to get a good quality partner, they know deep down men want a clean partner so they’ll lie.  Since ur in the west, u have to be very careful. Honestly my best advice to anyone reading this is u just gotta have common sense. Many men don’t, they’re pretty dumb and easily fall in love based on looks and lies. U don’t wanna be a dumb ***** who’s w/ a woman that’s been with the entire city, nor do u wanna be the dude paying this chick alimony, etc (women w/more sexual partners tend to correlate w/higher risk for divorce). U gotta sus out how she is in her day to day life. Dig into her background. Does she often go out, does she have many male friends, are there any stories about her past. If she has lots of luxury items and what not and is always going out, does she work hard for them by working jobs. If she’s velli and always doing that, that’s sus. A lot of women partake in much more expensive things than men and have lots of things b/c they have some simp or beta orbiter paying them, usually in exchange for some lewd things. The number of women I’ve met thruout the years doing this was insane, like even the ones I thought were angelic ones. furthermore does she have a history of smoking or doing drugs, think about how old is she? The older she is the less likely she is to be a virgin. Did she go to a uni, what kind of uni did she go to and what did she study? Women acquire their most number of sexual partners during uni. Is she a woman that doesn’t like the fact ur a virgin or isn’t as into u because of that? Red flag because a virgin woman would want a virgin man so she can feel more comfortable. There’s lots of memes that women prefer “Chad men with high body count” b/c it shows that they’re experienced but nah, that’s just b/c the majority of women are not virgins lol. Does she spend all her day on social medias like Instagram or Snapchat or Twitter or whatever? Know that there are many men in her DMs most likely. a woman should be willing to delete her socials for u if she truly loves u. The best person for a relationship is a person with no socials. Another tip is how does she speak and dress around family or outside?. Is her family conservative or liberal? Whenever she does goes out is she usually with her family? i can write more questions for u to think about but honestly it’ll be depressing for u. The true reality is you are most likely NOT going to end up with a virgin (the only way to know is if she bleeds ur first night, even the most repulsive and vile of Sikh/Punjabi women don’t pursue hymenoplasties such as Middle eastern women do, so u should be good). You are most likely NOT going to be with a woman who is obsessed with u and loves u deeply, is willing to do anything for u, many men simp for and obey their women these days and not the other way around. You are likely NOT going to end up in a happy marriage, over 6/10 married couples hate their marriage statistically.  U just gotta keep your hopes up. If u do end up getting married to a witch, there’s not much u can do. Think of ur children and care for them deeply. Be a good man, etc. 
    • I’ve seen lots of alt communities or whatever inquire “which religion is the most tolerant, which is the most accepting, which will accept me as a LGBTQASHFKRLIV148959+, which will accept me because I’ve sinned, which will accept me bc I’m literally a pedo,  which will accept bc I’m a furry” literally stupid things like this and guess what everyone usually replies with. ”Sikhi” the whole modernization thing is a joke, just stick to ur roots. Stop promoting the religion as some kind of charity free for all accepting of all sins and degenerates type religion. Just filth will join the religion then, it’s already happening. The leaders and youth of Sikhi are such a massive joke.
    • Lol this is so common. This is the average wedding. Plus nowadays auntiyaan and young girls are dressing half naked in lenghas and saris and stuff or literally sometimes even a western dress. Men freely dance with women. Plus they hire some naked belly dancer or hire some Bhangra team dancing like monkeys at ur wedding. It’s awful. I assume it’s Punjabi culture. Let’s not mention all the men getting drunk and trying to hit on the women at the weddings.  So many young folks skip the gurudwara wedding too because it’s boring and they can’t get lit even though that’s the main part of the wedding & most important. Amritdhari men and women are less likely to engage in such activities tho, I don’t see them doing this, when they get invited to such weddings they sit in the corner and refuse to engage or dance and such.  I’m marrying into a non Punjabi family and me and my partner went to a Sikh wedding recently because he’s never experienced one and he was shocked and said he thought Sikhs were way more conservative.
    • I hate the way people throw money. It's usually a manmukh tradition to show how wealthy you are and you can just throw rupees around. It's nothing more than showing off.
    • While drinking alcohol is never a good thing, hearsay about such things may be unreliable. The fact is, at wedding receptions, everybody goes: children, drinkers, and non-drinkers. Obviously, there are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available. Are the aunties absolutely sure the uncles were drinking whiskey?
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