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Re-release of 'Nanak Shah Fakir' , chalked in for 13th April


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Couple of points-

- SGPC approved this movie before, did through analysis provided recommendation which were followed  thoroughly has a approval from sgpc both old committee and new committee at current, signed by all scholars in SGPC

- If some people find it offended, don't watch it or ignore it but if you think by banning or doing protest, blocking hwy and other tactics is way to go, its counter-intuitive this will increase curiosity in people, its actually more advertisement of the movie,  remember - controversy sells!!

Just like if you strictly enforced everything is forbidden,  make things trivial or controversial for kids outlaws on kids, kids will revolt eventually in their life, will explore whatever is banned for sake of curiosity, rebel back whether watchin tv, fashion, cell phones. Look at the lives and scandals of amish life style, orthodox jews, church pastors

-Provide detailed analysis with strong rebuttal , why one shouldn't watch this movie and leave it up to the readers

- I do have a point i want to make. I watched movie- badla made on sant jarnail singh bhindranwale, there is a scene of sant jarnail singh bhindranwale coming on to maharaj darbar, they showed huge parkash aura on sant ji in maharaj darbar where aura parkash on sri guru granth sahib was virtually missing in contrast with sant ji parkash in same scene. Same people who endorsed badla movie have a problem with nanak shah fakir as well. 

This is good video from director of Nanak shah fakir, lots of great points, decide it for yourself:


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you forget Sikka CLAIMED he had full approval but he had a standard letter of well wishes issued by SGPC it was read by millions after the furore but it still did not mean what he claimed and no they had no input during filming ...mind you SGPC will do anything for a quick buck including :

Changing all manglacharan in Guru ji to one standard one , caught by DamDami scholars and false copies agan bhet

Printing and supplying Guru Granth Sahib so RSS could install in Hindu temples

Printing history books in hindi for RSS which called Guru Arjan Dev ji a tax cheat and Guru Teg Bahadur a jewel Thief and dismissing the shahadat of Chaar Sahibzahidey and Guru Pita ji as just desh bhagti. again caught and protested by a single sikh for some years before they stopped printing it
The fact that so many hope this film will deliver some element of parchaar is understandable but NO it does not it omits critical messages like Naam japo from the three aspects of a good life , the sidh gosht doesn't happen , neither the mecca incident , nor the haridwar water throwing ...it reduces Guru ji's respect as App Parmeshwar to just an ordinary human , frankly people of our faith have said to me quite a few times 'what's the big deal they were all human too so what if an actor/actress plays them?' 

As for SIkka on one hand he says I knew little about the life of Guru ji then says Guru Nanak Dev ji came to my dreams and told me to do this ...yeah sure mahapurakhs have said if anyone claims openly they have seen Guru Sahiban don't believe as the experience is so transformative they feel no need to say it , let alone misrepresent Guru ji's sikhi to the masses

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do you think he had two cuts of the film  one to get approval initially and one which was for the cinemas which suit the diminishment of Guru Nanak Devji etc ? because it is too fishy that they  sat through the film and didn't notice the glaring omission of Naam Japna ...  Sikka sounds pushy because he is kind of adamant that it will be shown internationally . 
I noted that he did not correct mistranslation of gurbani in subtitles , guess 3 years is not enough to proofread and consult ?


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Why is everyone in shock? This is completely predictable and to be expected by the enemies of the Khalsa. The best thing to do is to stay away from the propaganda machine, educate your children and sangat and do not watch these movies. Money is power to these people so if you boycott it and don't invest your time, money, mental energy into it, the movie will flop and  they will get the message. Otherwise this will only continue to get worse in the future. This is the best strategy and it will cause them great pain knowing that not only have their plans been ineffective, but they have also lost a huge amount of money in the process. 

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On 3/6/2018 at 8:57 PM, jkvlondon said:

apparently it is being re-released but who has seen the rushes of the reworked film ? Who was in charge of input ? Who financed this movie really?


It's not clear what "script changes" he supposedly made, but the VFX he's talking about is merely putting a big white halo over the character of Guru Nanak ji, obscuring the face and body.

You're right that in order to have an informed opinion about this, we need to know who "Harinder Sikka" is, where he got his financing, who all is involved in the project.

The Sikh sangat rejected his film the first time, and theaters were basically empty. He should have learned his lesson the first time. No harm, no foul. But this guy is a dheeth (stubborn).

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