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  • Believe they are continuing the mughal empire 
  • obsessed with arabs { for whatever reason , I been to UAE , and it's all just skyscrapers and fancy cars , I see those things in San Francisco all the time } 
  • Want to be arab { it's like koreans wanting to be Japanese } 
  • Bastardized Punjabi script with unentelligble arab writing system, which I'm sure most don't understand . 
  • Made Urdu the national language , even though , it was invented by hindus in UP . 
  • Their country is 100x worse than india itself 

Admin note - What this post has to do anything with SikhSangat? Please, post something that has anything to do with general Sikhs.  Approving this type of posts last time. 


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47 minutes ago, Dsinghdp said:

Their Urdu and Punjabi is shifting towards Arabic. They use Arabic script with a few extra letters such as ch and p. But the script is not designed for Punjabi like Gurmukhi is.

The script they use is the Persian script which is modified Arabic script.

What is really funny was that the word "Urdu" is a turkish word which means camp. I happened to be watching a Turkish drama on Netflix and they mentioned the language Urdu and the Turkish character kind of dismissed it.

I think when partition happened and Pakistan was built for the subcontinent muslims, they wanted to copy Turkey in terms of having one language to unify the country.  I think Jinnah was trying to emulate Ataturk in some respects. 


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