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RASE Report: Religiously Aggravated Sexual Exploitation of Sikh Girls (download link)


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Guest GuestSingh
8 minutes ago, dallysingh101 said:

We are talking about adult males seeking sexual relationships with school aged girls here, and then sharing them. That's actually illegal by whitey's own laws.

I think there is something more insidious going on here than the implementation of 'secular, liberal values' . I believe there may actually be a long-term, covert, antiSikh agenda by powerful elements of the brishit government going on here. They are trying to destroy us on the sly maybe - in concert with the people they gave Sikh lands away to at partition?

They won't pull it off but people need to wake up to this.  


often think to myself that the only reason theyre happy to accept so much of the diaspora is just to reduce our numbers in panjab, thereby weakening sikhi while working with GOI to coerce those left behind as hindus through rss as they just love being told what to do by whitey. the same disapora are likely to feel alone, without allies, and become weak, all this in order to face less resistance and challenge to power here in the uk. in other words, a long-term plan/strategy to regain control in higher positions that certain apne have earned?

would they really do that to us? do they really hate us that much? d they want to see sikhs wiped out? in my eyes, yes.

it all feels like a sinister plot..those panjabis of the past were one of the very few with courage to kick them out before partition..lets not forget their authority, power and sense of self-importance/supremacy of white colour was seriously undermined, ignored and fought by many..

these people are never likely to forget that imo - they really love themselves and still see each other as the 'saviour'/'enlighteners'..

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23 minutes ago, Not2Cool2Argue said:

Not sure of any covert plans they might have. But it does seem like a logical.move to want most children in the western countries to grow up with western values.  

That's blown up in their face hasn't it. We've had a few apneean who've converted and tried to join or help ISIS against them now. 


Was there any other important finding in the report?

Did you not read it? It's free. 

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