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Guest Singh

Suffering from Phimosis- tight skin

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Guest Singh


Waheguru ji ka khalsa

Waheguru ji ki fateh


Seeking advice from only Amritdharis. 

I am an amritdhari singh and tries to follow all commandments as much as i can. I got married few months ago and soon after i found that i have a partial phimosis. ( i am 30 now but I don’t know i never noticed it before)

I checked many videos on YouTube and now i am sure i have the tight skin. As a result I sometimes gets itching on my organ. 

Although its quite normal to have tight skin, like 20-30 people out of 100 may have it, and its only option to treat is to cut of that small portion of skin. ( i know some steroids creams are available in the market but seems not working for me)

The surgery is done by ZSR and its painless, bloodless, stitch less. I am hoping to go for surgery next year. 

Although i am saying it with a name TightSkin, but its medical name is Circumcision.( i will undergo only the tight portion though, nd not like muslims who who full cut)

But from deep within i want your suggestions as will it be against my sikh faith? 

Means Circumcisions punjabi name is Sunnat, Sunnat is an identity for muslims. So if i do it will i be becoming a kind of muslim because its their tradition.


My personal views are that i am not going for it just for fun, or for any muslim type of ideology. 

I have tight skin, i am married now and it sometimes gives me infection there and develops bruises after we have makeout. So in my concern it should not be any religious issue for me.

But i am seeking you guys advices- what will you do if you have same issue?


I really respect everyone here, but I request advice from AMRITDHARIS ONLY.



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Guest guest

go for ayurvedic cure, why even consider sunnat? 

it's like saying my hair feels tight so i will cut it off instead of loosening it. 

word of advice don't trust allopathic doctors, you will only suffer. 


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