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pedophile bishop friendship with prince charles

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watched this documentary on bbc. the pedophile bishop peter ball had connections with members of the establishment who covered up for him including prince charles, margret thatcher and the archbishop of canterbury. prince charles even gave this pedo a house. shows you how all these elite politicians, religious leaders, royals are all in on it together. all these rich pedos are protected by the elite. one of the victims ended up committing suicide because no one believed the poor guy. he approached the church for help but know one helped him, he went to the police and the police gave the pedo and "caution"   since when are pedos given cautions!   two years later through his connections he ended up becoming a bishop again.  the poor victim was fighting a a losing battle and took his own life in 2012.    

Friendship with Prince Charles made paedophile bishop Peter Ball 'impregnable'

BBC2 documentary shows how establishment figures rallied round cleric

Prince Charles with Peter Ball when he served as bishop of Gloucester.

 Prince Charles with Peter Ball when he served as bishop of Gloucester. In a statement to the inquiry into child sexual abuse, Charles said he had been deceived over the ‘true nature’ of Ball’s activities. Photograph: Rex/Shutterstock

The disgraced paedophile bishop Peter Ball made himself apparently “impregnable” by cultivating friendships with Prince Charles and other senior establishment figures who later rushed to support him when he was accused of sexual abuse, according to a BBC documentary.

Ball, the former bishop of both Lewes and Gloucester who died last year, boasted of his role as “counsellor to royalty”, Cliff James, one of his victims, says in the programme. He cultivated friendships with Margaret Thatcher, peers of the realm, senior judges and headmasters of leading public schools.

The former bishop was investigated by police in the early 1990s, which resulted in a police caution. In 2015, he was convicted of sexual offences against 17 teenagers and young men and jailed for 32 months. He was released in February 2017 after serving half his sentence.

The second episode of the BBC’s two-part documentary, to be broadcast on Tuesday evening, draws on the testimonies of survivors and material and evidence given to the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse (IICSA), which conducted a case study into how the Church of England handled allegations against Ball.

James said Ball boasted of his connections. “He kept mentioning his friendship with Prince Charles in a flippant way, [as] anyone would talk about a friend – but he’s talking about Prince Charles,” he said.

“Here he was having a friendship with someone as low down as me … The next minute he’s dropping into the conversation, ‘oh, he’s counsellor to royalty’. It just reinforced his specialness and the idea he was impregnable.”

The family of Neil Todd, who made the first allegation of abuse in 1993 and killed himself in 2012, said he had been portrayed as a liar and a “mischief-maker” by Ball’s friends in high places.

At a hearing last year, the independent inquiry heard how members of the establishment, including the heir to the throne, the then archbishop of Canterbury and a senior member of the judiciary, rallied to support Ball.

“The story of Peter Ball is the story of the establishment at work in modern times,” William Chapman, representing survivors, told the inquiry. “It is the story of how the establishment minimised the nature of Peter Ball’s misdeeds … and silenced and harassed those who tried to complain.”

Prince Charles told Ball in a letter in February 1995, two years after the bishop had accepted the police caution, which was read to the inquiry: “I wish I could do more. I feel so desperately strongly about the monstrous wrongs that have been done to you and the way you have been treated.”

Charles later arranged for the Duchy of Cornwall to buy a house to be rented by Ball and his identical twin, Michael, also a bishop.

In a six-page statement to the inquiry, Charles said he had been deceived over a long period of time “about the true nature” of Ball’s activities, but denied he had sought to influence the outcome of police investigations. He said he was unsure whether he was told about Ball’s caution until 2009.

In its report published last year, the IICSA concluded that the church had put its own reputation above the needs of victims of sexual abuse, and that Charles and other members of the establishment were misguided in their expressions of support for Ball.

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The English future king is a pedophile.  It is in his DNA.

The latest attraction to Charles is Baby Tunberg.

Diana was assassinated. Ugly Camilla is on the side line... Just watch.

Mountbatten, the beloved uncle,  Philipp the father, Andrew and Edward the bros are all pedophiles, sexual perverts and predators. When will the law admit it and act accordingly?

How much longer will these hypocrites be allowed to run orphanage indtitutions under ‘Charities’ to obscure their vicious atrocities and damage innocent children offered in sacrifice  on the satanic altar of the “meat market”.

Bishop Ball, SIR Jimmy Saville, Epstein, Ted Heath and mote were recompensed...

England is the tip of the iceberg. Shine a light on the “British” colonies (Canada, Australia, India...) and your sense of outrage will take your breath away!

Elizabeth Windsor is also a pervert. She is well informed but her ‘epic’ sense of ‘duty’, now we know, was driven by the protection of a decadent lifestyle and a system which contributed to the accumulation of wealth and stolen ”crown” treasures above anything else.

How can a human being live in a house with 700 empty rooms, heated, cleaned daily and maintained in a city with a world record of homeless people whilst claiming to “protect the interest of my subjects...” Add to this empty Windsor, Balmoral and Sandrinham houses...

What did Harry see that made him run away to protect his ‘multitask‘ exotic wife and  brown little Archie?

Can we hope for change? 
Well - where there is hope there is life.

Perhaps Will Windsor - not very bright alas - and his little Kate, will fully measure that the days of hypocrisy and crown are grinding to an end.





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5 hours ago, Premi5 said:

16 was not very young 40 years ago

he was double her age plus you can only marry with written consent by your parents that's how young that is, your comment doesn't make sense she was too young and she suffered for it at she was able to outthink the machinations of Charlie , his mistress and his mum

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