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2 hours ago, Ranjeet01 said:

It is an observation. 

What you will also notice the traditional gurdwara has three exits, one at the back behind Maharaj and two on the side.

Because Maharaj tends to be more centrally located people will matha tek not once at the front but go towards the matha tek behind Maharaj and matha tek again.

There is more space to manoeuvre. 

In the west, it looks odd.

In Punjab and in India (you will notice on the program on TV of Harimandir Sahib), you notice people sitting in front, behind and around the sides.

If you think about most Gurdware in India and Punjab are actually built like that. Hazur Sahib is the same, Kesgarh Sahib, the Gurdwara at Kiratpur, Bangla Sahib Delhi, Damdama Sahib etc  Guru Maharaj is in the center while Sangat sit all around it, front, back, sides    all have the same layout. 

Nanaksar was a bit different i think, i can't remember now, but i think it was outdoors with like a roof on pillars. 

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On 7/8/2020 at 6:21 PM, puzzled said:


“Only GurSikhs Had Anand Karaj Before the 1900” Says Elderly Grandmother

This is true. Couples were told to take Amrit before doing the laavan. Boy, they were the good old days.

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I follow this family , the mum and bahu have such a wholesome relationship, the younger brother has gone from mona to sarbloh bibeki (he did appear in a few gurmat bibek channels vids I think) and the older brother is the main vlogger

Dilawar did video on bibek cooking of koha barfi , the mum and bhabhi do cooking vids too

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