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Former DGP Sumedh Saini to be arrested for murder charge

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Even super rich powerful people like Epstein serve a purpose for people who are above them, and when they no longer serve that purpose or are useful then they are thrown under the bus. 

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On 9/4/2020 at 10:32 PM, Kau89r8 said:

Anyone surprised?! They all got away with it like KPS Gill bittu and rest

They'll all corrupt...well he can run all he wants, but when they leave this world. they'll face their karma!!

Wait so this guy just got arrested and he just escaped.Sigh,but what you said is true to some extent.Bad people will face their karma but it does not necessarily have to be when they die.Look at the history everyone who tried to harm the Sikhs got part of their punishment in this life itself.Then when they die they get the punishment from dharamraj.For example Wazir Khan was very arrogant he did so much paap.In the end Guru Sahib sent his Khalsa and they got justice.This process has been happening and will continue to happen.The Khalsa is already here.When Guru Sahib gives Hukam,everyone will gather together and form the Khalsa Panth and Panj Pyare and jathedar will take leadership.Just a while more Sangat ji.

Bhul Chuk Maf 🙏

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3 hours ago, Kau89r8 said:


The state of Punjab is becoming worse and worse every day.The number of years left for the evil doers in Punjab can now be counted on our hands.The evil doers have little time now.

Delhi Takhat Pe Baithege Gur ki Faujj🙏

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    • They are all in it together. That's how they make it a culture, hence 'systemic'. The football fan types just articulate what the more clever, devious types up top believe and promote on the sly. The working class guys express their thoughts openly. So whilst a racist manager/director might deviously make an ethnic's life difficult at work through selectively handing him/her the most difficult work, and set them up to fail. The lower end ar5eholes will be the ones who will be implementing this plan and directly creating a toxic environment for the targeted people.  And they routinely turn a blind eye to racism, even if they don't actively participate. Explaining it away as 'banter'.  
    • I don't think you have any independent thoughts. You just seem to parrot what a racist white boy would want you to say, to the point of even adopting their lexicon to frame your 'arguments', like you are one of their chumchay spokesmen. I mean this seriously, not trying to offend you. What you're doing is like what Priti Patel does, but on a lower level.  I don't get what you are saying here? 
    • 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
    • I am sure theres many sikh videos of weddings. Look at rainsbai weddings. Or akj weddings.        There is milni. As the girls side of the family is in charge of the venue. They get their earlier and prepare breakfast langar ( cha pakore etc). Then when the groom and his family come over. They meet each other outside the gurudwara in the parking lot. Ideally the girls family should be doing kirtan with vaja dholki of Aye Mil Gurshikh... as they welcome the grooms family. but if noone from the girls family is a musician, the two families can just greet each other with fateh. Then each of the relatives are introduced to their contrapart. The father meet the father in law. They can say fateh and give sarope to each other. Then the mothers, brothers, uncles, aunts. Then the grooms party is invited to eat langar ( i think they do this before matha teking and as they are sangat, they are allowed to eat first...i think) After langar, groom and his family go matha tek. The groom sits in front of the sangat where they do matha tek.  Then bride walks in. Matha teks, sits next to groom. The palla ardaas is done. Then the shabad about Pallai taindai laagee (or is shabad done before?) And then lavaan etc. 
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