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Khalistan revisited 2020

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The panj pyaare to lead a country?

Country: People from all classes, religions and backgrounds with hopes and dreams of a stronger economic future wanting a fair non-corrupt leadership so that their families have a chance at employment, a safer society

Panj Pyaare, Akaal Takht / Any Takht: Employed reprentatives for a company which owns a collection of "historical" (plus other) establisments. Said employees belong to uneducated, poor and needy families who have managed to work their way through the bureaucracy of the above company and managed to be appointed.

Current Leadership: Corrupt individuals who come from wealthy families, who have maintained their standing in the economic/social system of Punjab who themselves appoint the above and have very little interest in helping the people but more in mainatining what they have.

Hypothetical BSc/MSc Working Class Punjabi: Not going to let that happen and rightfully so.

Reality is far from this idea of a dystopia which many of us have started to wish for. In Punjab where as on the ground the situation is very different from what those living abroad view it as. As children we are taught that the Panj Pyaare are the embodiment of Guru Gobind Singh Jee and as much as I would liked to have thought this to be true, it simply isn't true as demonstrated by the current Sikh establishments and those that are supposedly leading our community.

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Guest Parchaar to the Poor
On 9/14/2020 at 3:24 AM, Guest Singh said:

Sister, you are missing the point being made by the Pakistani Punjabi OP.

What our Muslim neighbour is advocating for is that east Punjab be ruled by Pakistan (so that the Muslims can ever so kindly grant us access to CPEC and finish the Pakistani Genocide of Sikhs they started in 1947 when they killed 20% of the Sikh population in Pakistan).

Paji our Muslim neighbour is not really advocating for such a Khalistan. The Muslim neighbour (OP) is advocating for a state of Khalistan (independent of India) but ruled by the Pakistani Muslims (not by our Panj Pyare).

Panj Pyare would never allow themselves to be led by Pakistan given the 1947 Pakistani Genocide of Sikhs but I think the OP is perhaps offering Pakistani puppets like Pannun as the proposed new leader (who will continue residing in America) of this imaginary Pakistani state of east Punjab.

Paji the option presented by our Muslim neighbour is actually in the singular (despite the skilful presentation of seemingly three options). The Muslim OP is essentially advocating for Pakistani rule over the Sikhs of east Punjab so that they can presumably finish what they started with the 1947 Pakistani Genocide of Sikhs in which they killed 20% of the Sikh population.

Rather than waiting for a state like India which is staunchly supported by the USA, UK, EU, Russia, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Japan etc to just miraculously implode is a bit unlikely imho.

Especially where the equation has changed from India de facto being a beggar state in 1984 to one with a projected $50 trillion dollar economy in the next 30 years (2.5 times bigger than the current USA economy in 2020), the faster way to achieve one's ambitions would surely be to support the implosion and disintegation of Pakistan into smaller linguistic successor states.

Pakistan being the glue that holds India together - once Pakistan implodes the Gujarati's would be the first to demand the implementation of the Anandpur Sahib resolution - namely a common currency and common defence (but complete individual control at constituent state level).

Bear in mind that in 1984 there were 500 million so-called Hindu's and 15 million Sikhs in India. Now there are 1,000 million so-called Hindu's and 21 million Sikhs.

Bear in mind that India's army expenditure is 100 times greater today than it was in 1984 and the economy controlled by Delhi is now more than ten times bigger.

On the other hand we have gone from a 63% majority in Punjab to one which will either become a minority next year by the 2021 census or by 2031 if Modi deems to delay revealing the inevitable to 2031. Instead of a community erasing our differences to work for the common good we have allowed the community to splinter via our own demented version of apartheid golaks and matrimonial golaks. The first building block of the type of future you envision can only be achieved uniting each and every Pind under a single united Gurdwara!

Last but not least remember that if Brahmins comprise a mere 3% of the Indian population and Bania's like Modi comprise a mere 3% of the India population then there is no reason that the Sikh Panth could overtake the latter and the former numerically as the biggest indigenous community within India by 2050 if we get our act together in terms of parchaar. With our Panj Piare from so far afield as Karnataka, Gujarat, Orissa, Hastinapur and western Punjab anybody educated via parchaar should readily see 1699 as the most revolutionary moment in the wretched history of the Indian sub-continent.

Instead of Sikhs falling below 50% of the Punjab population by either next year or 2031 with 30 years of dedicated parchaar to so-called Hindu Punjabi's who regularly attend Gurdwara but are insultingly referred to as non-Sikhs, to Bihari's born from the hallowed birthplace of both Dhan Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj and Shaheed Bhai Jiwan Singh Ji and explaining to the Muslims of Malerkotla and elsewhere that Bhai Mardana Ji was an apostate and the first Sikh in history there is no reason why Sikhs cannot be 90% of the population in east Punjab and near enough 100 million strong throughout India by 2050. The question is does each and every one of us have the dedication to do our bit towards that objective of "Khalsa Raj" running the entire country from Delhi by 2050 with justice, equality and human rights for all. It may be instructive to study how the Mormons were routed by the American state militarily in the 19th century but adapted, grew and came close to capturing the White House through Mitt Romney. The minute we unite each and every Pind under a common saanjha single united Gurdwara ANYTHING will become possible for the Sikh Panth.


This lady is Chinese but imagine if Sikhs bothered to do parchaar to 1,400 million Indians! If Sikhs can't even reach out to educate Bihari's in Punjab that Guru Gobind Singh Ji were born in Bihar and the message of equality that Sikhi stands for something is seriously wrong with us!

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Guest Guest 222

@Guest Heatseeker

The panj Piyare don’t have to be corrupt for them to be considered impractical for leading a country. Why training / education/ experience in politics does a member of the panj piyaree have? Absolutely none. 

Besides in a democracy they would be voted out pretty quickly as would any dogmatic religious personality   

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