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One dead after attackers storm Indian Punjab church and shoot worshippers

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It seems that the Valmikis and other communities are leveraging their position by going their own way and creating their own adi -dharm.

They are doing a lot of outreach in these communities, helping with books and education etc.

If this is a pattern that is emerging then it means converting to Christianity is no longer a preferred option and Evangelicals and other christian denominations are becoming irrelevant.

That is because the evangelicals and missionaries cannot bribe their way into converts. 

Combined with Ghar Wapsi (I think Modi understands the intra-Hindu game being played here), there is a harder push to get these 'Christians' back into dharmic fold.

I think this why the Christian churches in Punjab have shifted their priorities to target our Sikhs and other Hindu groups.

The shooting in the Church looks increasingly like a power struggle to get the converted Valmikis into adi-dharm or into mainstream hinduism. 

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10 hours ago, MisterrSingh said:

That also reveals the problems these ex-Sikhs were having (which caused them to turn to Christianity) for which they were receiving ineffective or zero assistance from the Sikh religious apparatus. It's that old sorcery chestnut. 


(Please excuse this being from a hindutva website, but they have done some research on this):

Prarthana and “Changai” Sabha

The biggest way of spreading of Christianity is prayer meetings. It is called “prarthana sabha” in Hindi/Punjabi. The biggest highlights of these prayer meetings are the fake miracle cures. Thousands of people are brought to such meetings on false promise of cure.

Ailments of all hues such as infertility to cancer are “treated” in the name of Jesus there. Apparently, Punjab government should close all hospitals and let them cure all patients by prayer. However, it seems that COVID is beyond the “power of Jesus”.

Of course, the paid actors show how they are cured and innocent people donate for prayers to Jesus. Inevitably, most of them are not cured and many die. But by then, the members of family have been thoroughly brainwashed into Christianity.

This dangerous fraud, which harms people’s health and sucks money from vulnerable poor, is allowed to continue and the coffers of fake religious figures continue to be filled. In recent times, mediums such as YouTube and Zoom have also been utilized for this scam.

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    • Yeah i think too that bhai jugraj was made shaheed just too suspicious the way he was taken out when he started talking about political reality and truth about this world. They left him alone when he was just talking about spiritual stuff but when he applied the miri puri concept of Sikhi that all Sikhs should I think they did something to his body. Either poisoned his food with carcinogenics or radioactive stuff or x-ray beams (which are known covert weapons used by world powers to take out their targets covertly and plausible deniability). He used to mostly started basics of sikhi to combat the dawah islamic and christian missionaries targeting sikhs for conversion. So they didn't like it when he used to do that fearless confrontation parchar that basics of sikhi on the streets and in street stalls. Now since he has passed there is a lack and void of that. Then he started to talk about making all of india as khalistan and having khalsa raj that upset the hindu extremists and indian nationalists. He also exposed British empires role in destroying Sikh sovereignty and taking part in genocides against us from 1840s to 1990s. So he made alot of powerful enemies with his truthful and fearless parchar that was converting hundreds of non-sikhs to Sikhi by the week and educating ignorant Sikhs back into true Sikhi. He would often visit this forum i heard and get good idea's that he got from members from here and would talk about in his speeches e.g he talked about establishing a UK takht to have political power of Sikhs aboard away from india's captured and control sri akal takht. So the enemies of Sikhi were trembling at the power 1 man with a youtube channel had. I believe one of the enemies must have done something to take him out to silence him forever and attempt to block the revival of global Sikh spirituality and political awakening.  
    • Quite an interesting book alot of truths in that. Also exposed the Indian establishments hand in terrorist acts aboard especially in canada and then blaming Sikhs for it. Using Sikh patsy indian military intelligence agents like talwinder parmer to do their bidding then extrajudicial killing him (or disappearing him) when he got back to punjab. Also this is guy below exposed other agents who were founders of the BKI militant group. One of the guys was a canadian intelligence agent and probably and indian r&aw agent given cover by the indian embassy CSIS subtly talking about indian govt interference, subversion and terrorism on canadian soil            
    • This had me in stitches when 1st watched it 
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