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Sikhism is the fastest growing religion in austraila and new zealand


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2 hours ago, ChardikalaUK said:

Its not just the numbers it's the quality. Muslims are always at the bottom of multicultural society.

The likes of Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X were fools. At one point they believed in the nation of islam which believes that white people were created by a mad black scientist in an experiment that went wrong.

Then they converted to regular islam. Malcolm X complained about white Christian oppression but was able to cavort around with white women in America in the 1940s. He went to the middle East in the 1960s and was treated well by the high society there which made him think that was how all black people would be treated. However that was never the case, Saudi Arabia only reluctantly abolished slavery a couple of years before his visit! Malcolm X was simply naieve. To this day blacks are referred to as Abids (slaves) in the Middle East and North Africa, they would be murdered for trying to marry an Arab woman.

That is how Muslims and Christians convert in a lot of cases- through trickery. Plus we don't need a bunch of dumb jail thug converts.


we need intellectuals, writers, educationalists,lawyers, professors, doctors , linguists, historians , art conservers , martial artists, sportsmen and women, army folks , navy folks, even special forces would be good. The dregs of humanity would not easily leave their bad habits so that is not a major worry .

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