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Kirpan, is the gatra mandatory.


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I've posted this before to but got no answers. 

Please sangat ji. Need your opinion. 

I'm on construction. I sweat and gatra gets wet and smelly. Also its in the way sometimes. 

I have all my 5 KS on me at all times. But I would like to put my kirpan in a sheath, like a holster which the belt goes through. Or even clips on to my belt. 

I'm aware the gatra is not a kakaar, but obviously the kirpan is. 

What is your opinion? 

Just to be clear I wear my kirpan and gatra at home, sleep, shower, gurdwara, pretty much everywhere else. 


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I'm not yet blessed with actual Kirpan or Gatra. I do stay fairly kshatriya and nothing is for show. 

But I've been thinking where to wear Kirpan when doing Aikido and taking a lot of rolls and sometimes incredibly dynamic break falls and reversals mid air. 

And I really dont want to land on it wrong or have somebody else land on it wrong even sheathed and secured. 

And I'm thinking.  And this is hypothetical only to date. Of getting a smaller but still useful Kirpan and sowing it in a way to attach to the upper part of the Do Gi near the chest. 

It would add another dimension to our chest grabbing attack scenarios and it think...think...it would safest for taking Ukemi Falls. 

We generally tuck tanto into the Obi and Hakama but it's sketchy taking thousands of falls that way. 

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1 hour ago, Singhkhalsa19842020 said:


I'll be honest. And I know many will hate me for saying this. Do ardaas take it off until training is completed and the before you put it back on do ardaas again. 

I did this when I had to fly to Vancouver. 

Also your training martial arts. And yes occasionally you have to spar with others. It's not safe for your or the other fighter. 

I believe Guru ji wants us to learn martial arts and hand to hand combat. Therefore my Guru ji wont mind...in my opinion. 

I learned sikhi from basics of sikhi  bhai jagraj singh. He said sikhi is practical. Can't stress over these things to much. Yes be tyar bar tyar. Where it in the shower, to bed. 

But when it comes to training and sparring with others I believe u should do ardaas and train with peace of mind. Not constantly worrying if you'll hurt the other person. Plus I would like to see more sikhs in professional combat sports. But to do so..you must train with others. Some people are to strict. It a point it becomes a bit ritualistic, which is totally against sikhi. 

Now I know ...I mightve offended someone ...or someone will have the need to say I'm wrong and that the message im passing on is not right. 

Thats fine ...I know...I understand. 

But thats my opinion...take it or leave it.


I appreciate your perspective. I really do. I also appreciate that others won't agree. 

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