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Kirpan, is the gatra mandatory.


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On 3/23/2021 at 1:10 PM, Singhkhalsa19842020 said:

I've posted this before to but got no answers. 

Please sangat ji. Need your opinion. 

I'm on construction. I sweat and gatra gets wet and smelly. Also its in the way sometimes. 

I have all my 5 KS on me at all times. But I would like to put my kirpan in a sheath, like a holster which the belt goes through. Or even clips on to my belt. 

I'm aware the gatra is not a kakaar, but obviously the kirpan is. 

What is your opinion? 

Just to be clear I wear my kirpan and gatra at home, sleep, shower, gurdwara, pretty much everywhere else. 


Bro. If you want to treat your feet. Buy "magic safety" tabi boots. They're the steel toe tabi that traditional shrine builders and construction workers wear in Japan. Instead of destroying your feet in steel toe boots that are heavy and have a heel usually for riding horses we don't need at all....you can wear comfortable, pain relieving, light, Njnja worthy foot wear. 

They do come in more normal looking and heavier sizes. All sorts of brands out there in Japan. But those ones are light, traditional, steel toe, velcro awesomeness. 

I've been working twelves in the same pair for two years. More than. 

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