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Hidden menace of Islam in East Punjab


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19 hours ago, Suchi said:

Caste consciousness needs reservations to go which is being used to create divisions and foster dissent and civil war. 

I don't agree. A particular caste seems hell bent on 'reserving' every last resource and opportunity for themselves. They wont willingly share and appear to believe they have some 'divine right' to all privileges because of their caste, to the exclusion of others, who they have a long history of having antipathy for.

Given this pervasive attitude and culture - there seems little choice other than reservations. It's like expecting white supremacists to give blacks a chance in the USA. Ain't happening.  Never will. That's why you have to have things like reservations sadly.

These people need to straighten themselves out and quickly too. Or it's on their heads. Like these people haven't been 'fostering divisions' with their own long-standing behaviour. 

Sadly, change is urgently required in Panjab. If people aren't willingly going to act in a more civilised, egalitarian and progressive way - conflict is probably inevitable.   

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3 hours ago, dallysingh101 said:

Let's get specific. Which 'Punjabis' are these usually?

Rural Sikhs. I have seen it in my own family there.

We Sikhs are just obsessed with going abroad. My Grandfather has 11 grandchildren, 8 of them live in the west. The other 3 would love to leave as well. This is having a big impact on Sikh demographics in Punjab.

Hindus in Punjab don't migrate anywhere near as much, most of them have businesses and have no reason to leave. 

And now you have Muslim and Hindu migration from UP and Bihar. We will lose our majority status very soon.

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