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Why dont sikhs ever unite and vote for people who stand for sikh rights but go give vote to Congress,aap and other nonsense? Muslims unite and vote for Congress as they know Congress will do things in

We have no success. Not in india. Not in canada. Literally nowhere. Our people are delusional when they see some random punjabi making it big. Most of these people are coconuts and are going to assimi

But then why all children christians? I'd rather die alone than marry a nonsikh and have children who follow another religion. 

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30 minutes ago, Kau89r8 said:

Look at Hitler...its too him 6 million+ deaths to realize 'oh sh#t i f'd up' to finally kill himself lol 

That or he shot some combination of his dog, his woman and a dude that looked like him when minus a face. Just shave a little mustache. Perfect. 

If he did kill himself it was just so as not to give up control having lost. I doubt he gave 1 out of 6 million shits. 

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22 hours ago, proudkaur21 said:

Look at what happened to the sikhs who came here long back ago in canada and usa places like California, most of them married non sikhs and now their future generations are all white or Mexican and Christians. Just took in the nonsense of punjabi culture and removed sikhi from their lineage. How can people celebrate this? But i see punjabis going wowwwww there is a punjabi mexican community. This just shows how weak sikh men are and nothing to celebrate.

Come on. Legally they weren't allowed to bring Sikh wives into the country then. Those ex-soldiers laxity in promoting their faith to their progeny is telling though.  

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4 minutes ago, dallysingh101 said:

I've seen young keshdhari guys get all misty eyed, and excited just to see Sikh guys in the crowd in football matches beamed on screen....... 

VIDEO: Iconic 'Singhs' Spotted at Manchester United Match After Nearly a  Decade - EssentiallySports


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