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Sau sakhi mentioning Sant Bhindranwale and Indira gandhi

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54 minutes ago, shastarSingh said:

Sau sakhi hv different versions with differences. One of my friend's late Nanaji had some old books in his collection. He sent me a page from an old book.

It mentions about the rule of a randdii(Indira gandhi) and a Khalsa making a fort in harmandir(sant Bhindranwale).

It also mentions about Russia and China attacking India.


Seems to end well enough for Guru Ki Fauj. 

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Found this post from 2017 on instagram. Its saying the world will be divided into two with 4 great powers on one side and 4 great powers on the other. Like right now the world powers are getting divided into different sides. And there will be a big war and large part of the world will be finished. And that in india there will be a big war between sikhs and muslims. Not sure if this is a coincidence? I mean post is from 2017 and we did have a terrible time since 2020 now with the protests and deaths. Also the possible civil war in india.


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