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What's happening with male Sikh names?

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Recently I've come across quite a few strange Sikh names online and later IRL at various social functions and get-togethers. At first I thought they were trolls (online on places like YouTube) but then a few months later I'd physically meet people with the same type of names, and they obviously aren't trolling anyone.

Har5hit, Hardik, etc. The "Har" aspect is self explanatory and not uncommon, but what's the craic with "5hit" and "dik"? When did these kind of names come into use? Some of these people can also speak decent English, so that confuses me further. They must know their names are verging on dodgy.

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6 hours ago, Singh375 said:

Any discussion on this topic would need to begin with discussing why your username is “Misterr” rather than “Mr”.

You might say ‘mr was already taken’. But serious point - that’s how some peculiar names/id’s come about. What the person wanted was not available, so they picked something else. Even as a bit of a joke, maybe an auto suggestion, then it sort of sticks with them in real life. The names you mention probably originate from gaming platforms ?

Mods added the extra R without telling me. It annoys the heck out of me. ?

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32 minutes ago, proudkaur21 said:

Sikhs had such beautiful names  Baghel singh, Zorawer singh, Fateh Singh when did this manpreet harpreet came into being? It just shows cultural decadence.

There's nothing wrong with the preet, pal, inder names. It was just the fashion from the 1950s - 1990s. Any they're better than the Jayden, Ethan, Keira, Sienna that a lot of apne in the west are choosing nowadays. The ones that do go for Indian names usually do go for older names like you've mentioned. These things go around in circles like most fashions. 

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