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It's been a while...Sikhs/Punjab injuctices contiune

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22 minutes ago, Kau89r8 said:

How is this one incident getting used to label the whole community over there? Have there been multiple murders of whites by apnay over there that we don't know of? And I don't discount this, I think Canuck Sikhs hide A LOT of gundh going on in their midst.

Those apnay over there are more likely to kill each other (over jut machismo fuelled drug dealing) than any outsiders by all available evidence? 

It's a shame though, doing that over this, in front of kids too. 


Comment on twitter:


For a community of its size, it doesn’t produce much culturally, Sikhi scene is weak, youth are trapped in hood culture, people are materialistic, insecure and disconnect from each http://other.Community is not respected in BC. Stop being defensive and get real about what it is

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Interesting comments:

The community has very little mental health supports with the vast majority going to White and Indigenous peoples. The only thing that is a failure is the unequal use of tax dollars. The community gives far more then it gets back in services.


White man: Because you let them carry knives for religion. Some PC clown approved this for kids in http://schools.You let them wear Turbans to ride motor cycles You gave those whiney Shiks anything they want.



Response: You’re from Abbotsford buddy. Sikhs built that city and are prosperous there. If your jealous of their success take it elsewhere. The point of my tweet was so we as a community can get better- not so you have an excuse to vent your resentment and lack of self-worth

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47 minutes ago, californiasardar1 said:

By the way, what is sikhawareness.com?

At first glance, it appears to be similar to sikhsangat (with some of the same posters ... or at least some posters who use the same screen names as some posters here), but with little/no moderation and thus more tabloidish topics.

That's saying a lot about your perceptual abilities........

Delve deeper, it's covered a lot more serious topics than this place ever has. This is the tabloid place. People have actually translated texts over there, and discussed topics that would have admin here running around like panicked kookars.   


This place is best for communicating with the average uninformed Panjabi - some people have actually made efforts to study and understand things over there.

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