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    Which camp do suicide bombers fit into... Gurmat or Anti-Gurmat...? The suicide bombers target is eliminating an oppresive person, the Monks target was highlighting an oppresive Government....
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    I wouldnt either of those if i were you. Our parents have some weird ideas about this kind of stuff, mine included, but as a daughter in law, do you really want cause a ruckus of something so trivial? if its only 1 day a year, just do it, but with your own children set them straight against this stuff. By doing it you arent going to become less of a sikh, as Guru Ji already knows your intention, but by keeping shanti in your house, you will achieve more in the long run. One way to approach this on a community level is to get the local gurdwara, to give some kind of programme about it form the stage so everyone can learn about it. By running head on into it, are you going to come off better or worse?
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    Sangat Ji i wanted to know if there are orgainzations in the west who are training gianis and granthis for gurdwaras. It seems that all of them come from punjab and dont know english to help the young people. Also, we should set up schools in the west were we can train the gianis and hire them locally.
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    Dont know too much bout these guys other than that really really hate the indian governemnt. Are they Hindu ? Secondlay was links ever forged with Khalistan movements ?
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    If you could talk to one famous scientist like Richard Dawkings or Stephen Hawkings and introduce them to your lifestyle for one FULL day what would you talk about? If he/she asked you questions related to Waheguru and a Sikh's belief in what is Waheguru, how the universe was created and the meaning of life what would you reply? Article and quote that inspired this thread: "If there is a God, it's going to be a whole lot bigger and a whole lot more incomprehensible than anything that any theologian of any religion has ever proposed." - Richard Dawkins If only Richard Dawkins knew. http://news.yahoo.co...s-a-fairy-story Look at 3:30 where the Singh talks about the UN general secretary.
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    Sangat jeo, I'm truly ashamed to admit it, this is beyond what I can type-how could it get that far... but here goes, I've jst come back from a party and you know what, the church next door was full of punjabi's, i could even see turbanned indians alongside many, many indian women. It was 9.0pm. It seemed full from what I could see. I've never seen this many people at a place of worship at this time! I stood there for a mere 3 minutes wondering why, before I was told to get to my destination. I'm not against anyone, not anyone who preaches God, end of the day-he's our saviour-whatever faith you look at. But I'm a sikh. I'm sure these people are from India-I'm shocked, they've travelled 6,000 miles to realise their 'faith' doesn't fulfill them. From my past research it appears as if they are, the christians that is, are actively seeking other breathren to join their faith. The women are drawn because I sense they can belong to something. Maybe they didn't understand sikhi-I dont know-but I'm scared as hell! 1. What led them this way? 2. Were they dumbfounded, were they converted? 3. Were they just fed up? PLEASE GIVE YOUR OPINIONS I know many punjabi churches now exist in places like Gurdaspur, Canada, UK, America, etc...
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    Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Give mental strength to all GurSikhs ungoing such torture.
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    Published in The Express Tribune, April 8th, 2012 LAHORE: The death of a Sikh youth, Dhavinder Singh, in an armed attack in Nankana Sahib has created tension between Muslim and Sikh communities in the district. According to an FIR filed by the victim’s brother, Dhavinder Singh was shot and critically injured by unidentified man on March 7. Singh was rushed to the District Headquarters Hospital Nankana Sahib, where doctors referred him to the Allied Hospital in Faisalabad due to his precarious condition. Later, he was shifted to Islamabad where he succumbed to his injuries on Friday, 30 days after the attack. Incensed by the murder, hundreds of Sikhs gathered on Lahore Road in Mananwala. They blocked the road for about two hours and chanted slogans against the police for ‘their failure’ to arrest the killer. They also tried to march towards the Lahore Press Club but were stopped by the police. Senior police officials, including Sheikhupura’s regional police officer, reached the scene and assured the protesters that the killer would be arrested. After the assurance, the protesters dispersed peacefully. “We respect the Sikhs and ensuring their security is our priority,” said Sheikhupura’s Regional Police Officer DIG Zulfiqar Cheema, while speaking to The Express Tribune. He added that a suspect named by the victim’s relatives in the FIR, Chaudhry Zaman, has been taken into custody and a formal investigation has been launched. However, sources said that the police have not yet arrested Zaman. Relatives of Zaman, meanwhile, took out a rally after Friday prayers from Jamia Mosque on Railway Road. The protesters, over 200 in number, shouted slogans against the Sikh community and the local police, claiming that the accusations against Zaman were baseless. In an attempt to avoid clashes or untoward incidents, a heavy police contingent has been deployed in the area. http://tribune.com.pk/story/361412/communal-tensions-nankana-tense-after-sikh-youths-murder/
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    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh Mann or Badal? Well Badal has just won an election. It will be a while before Mann gets another go. So little bit irrelevant. We have to be careful of these political types trying to hijack this whole situation. Rajoana is the only leader we can see at the moment. Rajoana has said we will first free Akal Takht. If this is our goal, then it will only happen if we stick together. Problem with us is we keep pointing blames/fingers at each other. Rajoana knows everything we know. He is still showing respect to Jathedar Gurbachan Singh Ji. But we continue to cause friction and will cause splits. This is what our enemies want. The togetherness felt over the Rajoana issue has been great. It must be upheld. If we want to get into finger pointing and blaming the Jathedar or Sant Samaj or AKJ or Babbars or Nihangs or any other jathebandi or person then we must be ready for the abuse back and also accept that we are causing splits. Hence Dasam Granth issue gets raised. So surely it is better to work together. Look what was achieved by peaceful protests across the globe by the Panth. It is only possible because we all stuck together and for 2 weeks all forgot our differences. Badal or congress or indian government want us to argue and split. If we work together peacefully we can free Akal Takht. Sorry if I offended anyone.
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    veerji thats why i said from political point of view....coz i'm sure he dont have much knowledge about core sikhi....but he have love for sikhi and stand for it.
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    If you wait for sgpc or akaal takhat to do something, it's going to be a looooooooooong wait, why don't the canadian ppl do something? Maybe invite a journalist like we invite the dignitaries(mayors, senators, etc) and show them around. Show them hospitality and the 'good things' going on.. Contact news media....we called ABC news during the Darshan protests, and we always have cameramen filming the yuba city nagar kirtan..you can even say, "We would like a chance to show a nagar kirtan from our point of view, and why we do it and what it means."
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    its a shame punjab people didnt help simranjeet singh win
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    I get how there are differentiating opinions of Arthi but this isnt Sikh there is No spiritual gains in throwing flowers or holds a fire/joth if people read Arthi they would see that it was written after he has obtained NAAM and was in Ustat (Praise) so what has this got to do with any physical ritual, as for Modern Nihang singhs there trying to do their best to uphold Guru Gobinds martial traditions, but are going at it from the wrong way around. I’ll put a few statements out there for people and they can make their own minds up about it. Do you believe Guru Nanak brought the message of God and was able to come and go from this material world and spiritual world freely? Do you believe the message from Sat Guru is to be freed from the Grip of Kaam Kroad Loub Mou Hankar, which are the sole reason of Rebirth and Sin? Do you believe the mind is Jooth Saroop (light form) and can travel back to Gods Land where you can meet and speak with gurus and prataan Gur Sikhs? If the answer is no to any of these, but still believe in the traditions of Guru gobind singh then you’re not classified as Sikh. If it’s Yes then our duty is not use our own Mat (understanding) on Divinity but to surrender ourselves to Sat Guru and follow the path which Guru feels fit for us.
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    only respectable leader left ...from politics point of view...
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    I'm not surprised TBH... It's obvious that some if not most of the money goes to the government or some other anti sikh organisation. It would of been great if they actually used sangat's money to feed the poor, increase sikhi parchaar, help prisoners but clearly this isn't happening. All I see is sikhs fighting amongst sikhs, government killing sikhs and innocents dying. Outside Darbaar sahib you see liquor shops, missonary priests trying to convert helpless and uneducated sikhs into their religion etc. The amount of money that gets donated to darbaar sahib is immense and none of these problems are being tackled. Makes one think where does all this money go to?! It would be best if you don't donate any money to these places unless you know where your daswand actually goes to.
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    The very government that undermines our faith is extracting a percentage of profit from the devotees of the religion it wishes to ultimately eradicate!
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    noticed over and over that this forum it too ego driven, nearly every topic ends in some kind of disagreement.. very little positive thinking, way forward thinking people... its always my way or the highway attitude.. The nindhiya driven topics or controversial with regards to marayada get mega views.. proactive thinking for betterment of the panth gets nothing. We are so lucky to see this time in our Lifetime.. first time in in decades has the panth got together.. right now with this unity sooo much can be done... yet we drag the same pointless arguments discussed before and lose friends over it seriously man.. chillax... we're brothers.. bachan bilaas karo..
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    JSinghz your implying that the buddhist monk was a coward when you yourself would be running around screaming like a little <banned word filter activated> at the slightest burn was Darshan Singh Pheruman also a coward regardless of what you think the buddhist monk did was right or wrong the way he didnt budge a muscle while being burned alive deserves every ones respect its hardly a "cowardly act" I think first of all we need to decide what sucide really is imho sucide is a emotional and irrational decsion made when one is not in the right frame of mind due to various things happening to him in his life and he is no longer capable of thinking straight what this monk did however was based on full knowledge and and I am certain he mustve thought long and hard on it oh and Only Five you posted a video of Santji telling the swami he wouldnt sit back and cry he would do something about it but what this monk did is one of the farthest things from just sitting back and crying wouldnt you agree that is misreprensenting santjis words
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    hahahaha... I also understand u now @innergear! Naughty boy na ban, smokaa smuuuking na kar okkk....gud boy banjaa.... Is not ok, as u are trying to get the effect of smoking, dont matter if its bijlee wali, strawberi, choc, coka-kola watever flavaa.. Doughnut do it......

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