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Balwinder Singh

Question About Unnatural Facial Hairs

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kandola................if that is true?!, yipeeeeeeeeeee more power to us.........akaaaaaaaaal,lol, made me feel good hearing that even if aint true, HAHAHA

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Guest Papi

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

From reading all the responses the main point i got was something along the lines of everything is happening under god's will. Ii totally agree with that but think about this.

Everything is happening under God's will, so when i get sick i shouldnt take any medicine; if i get in a accident and break my legs, i shouldnt get surgery to get them fixed; (u get the idea...)

Yes, everything is happening under god's will but also remember that we reap what we sow. bad karama will get you something bad in return (not to imply that bibian who have facial hair have some bad karma).

in the end, it really comes down to personal choice. It should be between the bibi (or bhaji for that matter) and Guruji,noone else. Satguru is always there, beg Satguruji to show you an answer to your "problem" and you shall receive an answer.

One hud-biti. i know this one bibi who had almost a full beard (like singhs) and she went out and had them removed, all her singhian friends stopped talking to her. they jugded her from the outside. It was her decision and she contemplated it for a long time before going through with it, who am i judge her. We all are judged in waheguru's dargah(court).

Bhul Chuk Khima

Guru Rakha

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Ok but where does sangat lie on bibya who do have alot of facial hair that do not remove the hair but bleach it is that just as bad as cutting your hair or is it better cuz ur not removing ur hair just woindering what the sangat think cuz i know alot of amrit dhariu bibya my friends etc who bleach but say its betta to bleach it that wax it or whatever

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Penji (paapi'spost), i agree that yeh there can be circumstance when the bibi is like going through a tough time and Yes it is between her, him and waheguru, your right. Noone shud really judge to offer advice on this perosnal issue if they themselves aint experienced that problem, they cant see its difficulties, it is between the person with the issue and Guru ji. Guru ji does not want his children to be suffering. If youre happy with what you have or not have, accept god will then thas good, if you are going through a very hard time where in living is hard in the world then do ardas and what your mun tells you do it, cause our mun is where guru ji resides, the first thought is the thought of waheguru the second moments later thought is usually our own.

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Cksinghani Jee, essentially, you're asking which is better -- a bujjar kurehit or a kurehit. I could ask you the same question in different words: which is better -- having your head cut off slowly or having it removed swiftly in one blow? While one way may feel "better" than the other in the immediate present, both choices will lead to the same outcome, right? A Sikh wouldn't choose between screwing up a LITTLE or screwing up a LOT, because either way, any screw up is costly.

Removing your kes through waxing, shaving, plucking, trimming etc, is a bujjar kurehit and one who commits such an act is no longer a Sikh. Bleaching your kes, like dying it, is a kurehit and while it is a "sin" to a lesser degree than removing the kes, does that make it "better"? Not really. I know it's difficult and the pressure to conform can be almost unbearable, but know that you'll never find happiness by turning your back on your Guru.

If excessive hair growth is caused by some type of hormonal imbalance, there's nothing wrong with seeing a doctor. In most cases though, hair that is already on your face will not go away. Treatment can prevent future hair growth, but in most cases, kes that you already have will remain intact. Often, women have facial hair for no apparent reason, ie. it isn't linked to hormonal issues at all. If that is the case and it isn't caused by a hormone imbalance, then try to balance out your priorities instead -- Sikhi above the world. With that choice, you'll never go wrong.

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Guest Papi
Penji (paapi's post), i agree that yeh there can be circumstance when the bibi is like going through a tough time and Yes it is between her, him and waheguru, your right. Noone shud really judge to offer advice on this perosnal issue if they themselves aint experienced that problem, they cant see its difficulties, it is between the person with the issue and Guru ji. Guru ji does not want his children to be suffering. If youre happy with what you have or not have, accept god will then thas good, if you are going through a very hard time where in living is hard in the world then do ardas and what your mun tells you do it, cause our mun is where guru ji resides, the first thought is the thought of waheguru the second moments later thought is usually our own.


FYI, i'm a guy. so bhaji would suffice partytime.gif

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I would see this as two conditions for a gursikh..

There is one person who cuts/trims hair out of love for maya, to look more appealing, more fashionable. etc

another gursikh doesnt cut hair for love of maya, or to fit into society. but keeps hair for love of guru ji, as guru ji has kept me so will I remain. If this person is ever going to trim or get treatment it is not going to be love for maya. It is going to be for disease as heera and some other people said.

personally i have seen high spirited sikhs, who have done because of a disease or other issues, but not for maya. And again this is a personal issue... use your common sense and based on your love of guru ji

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Ok but where does sangat lie on bibya who do have alot of facial hair that do not remove the hair but bleach it is that just as bad as cutting your hair or is it better cuz ur not removing ur hair just woindering what the sangat think cuz i know alot of amrit dhariu bibya my friends etc who bleach but say its betta to bleach it that wax it or whatever


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa. Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

ok...whatever is written in this post of mine, are based on only what i believe...so please no one be offended. respect.gif

i believe that bleaching is wrong for Gursikhs. the only reason why a bibi would do that is to make herself look...hmm...better? more attractive? more feminine? i think you know what i mean. i think its wrong because the singhni actually tries to fix what she "thinks" is abnormal..if you know what i mean....

but really...if we think about it; How much is excessive hair on a female? is it excessive for a woman to have a big unibrow?? is it excessive for a woman to have hair on her face that is seen 5 metres away from her??

so if youre going to say excessive, then please be precise about how much exactly is excessive hair on a woman. beacuse i dont exactly know how much hair is excessive on a woman/female.

ok....and also this entire "health" issue isnt really for me to comment on, since i dont know anyhting about it. :):

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa. Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

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Im a girl who has excess facial hair due to medical conditions (polycystic ovaries). Im also very fair-skinned, which makes my hair very visible. The hair i get is not just a "regular" amount of hair that most girls get but the complete opposite, it is a huge amount.

The excess facial hair, is something i have been bullied about. i am taking medicines to help combat the problem. The excess facial hair can also contribute to other problems, such as acne, which i also have due to the condition and believe me it is not nice...so i sometimes get it removed, sometimes i leave it.

It's unfair to say that im no longer a Sikh because i remove it.

kiran x x

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Penji vjkkvjkf, i completely understand penji. i have hair, kinda fair skinned and sum parts are visible, before amrit i used to bleach, now not ne more. Are you amritdhari? Problem is we cant remove ne hair, its a kurehit.So i guess any bibi thinkin bout amrit shud work out properly if she can keeep the rehit and not take the amrit until she can. By all means until live in sikhi way, do ur seva, simran, bani, researching on sikhi, make so so much pyaar for vaheguru that the problem you thought was a problem iz not ne more. Thas what i did after some contemplation if i was ready for amrit or not, it is harder for girls and we need to be sure i guess b4 such a loving commitment to our guru is made.

hope it made sense blush.gif

fateh jee x

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*****amarjeets sister; tarrandeep kaur****

i made this leaflet with the help of anuva singh a few months ago, its long but i urge evry1 to read it.


The main reason for producing this leaflet is because of the growing numbers of so called “Sikh women” who are wearing a Dastaar bestowed upon them by Guru Gobind Singh Jee, but at the same time are changing the appearance of their hair by either bleaching, waxing or plucking their beautiful hair.

When the Universe was created by Vaheguru, the time started with satjug, then duwapar, treita and then kaljug—as the time ages went on evil was worsening and religion had less legs to stand on. It is a shameful fact that in this age of ‘Kaljug’, people are cutting their hair without any hesitation. It is very sad to see Punjabi boys and girls who call themselves ‘Sikhs’, and yet they do not know the first principal of Sikhism which is to keep the hair which so many past Singhs and Singhneea have gave their lives for.

To make it even worse, it is not only Punjabi boys and girls, it is the turban adorned women who also pluck, shave, bleach and remove their hair. By wearing a Dastaar you are wearing one of the Panj Kakkars; Keski, which Guru Gobind Singh Jee told us to adorn. However we cannot just pick certain parts of the rehit that we want to follow, and ignore the rest.


rihq ibnW nih isK khwvY ||

Without following Guru’s Rehit a person cannot be called a Sikh.

We should try to follow rehit to the best of our ability. It is a fact that infringing the rehit by changing the appearance of the hairs on the body ( by removing or bleaching) one becomes a vemukh (someone who acts according to their own will and not according to the Guru) and has no liberation after this life.

Guru Arjan Dev Jee says;

pRwxI qUM AwieAw lwhw lYix ||

O mortal, you came here to earn a profit.

lgw ikqu kuPkVy sB mukdI clI rYix ||1|| rhwau||

What useless activities are you attached to? Your life-night is coming to its end. ||1|| Pause||

You may think you are not noticed, but believe me it is very noticeable. Why would you want to bleach your hair? The only reason that comes to mind, is to look good and for reasons of kaam or due to reasons of haumai. Why would you want to look ‘pretty’, you “singhneaa” need to get your priorities right. If a Singh dyed some of his white kes black, then the reaction would be different, but for some reason the ‘singhneaa’ think they are an exception and are allowed to change their appearance of their kes.

Bajjar Kurehit

By either Bleaching or Plucking your hair you are committing a Bajjar Kurehit. The four Bajjar Kurehits are:

Disrespect to one’s hair (i.e. cutting, plucking or bleaching the hair)

Consuming meat

Committing Adultery

Use of intoxicants (tobacco, alcohol)

To abstain from the four Bajjar Kurehits, is the basic foundation of Sikhism. If you commit any of the Bajjar Kurehits you cannot be called a Sikh.

People are mistaken that the Bajjar Kurehit is “cutting the hair”, this is false. It is because of this misconception that people think they can play around the Bajjar Kurehit by not “cutting kes” but by burning kes with candles, by waxing, bleaching, threading, electrolysis and other methods. Guru Ke Piaari’o according to the Panthic Sikh Rehit Maryada, the Bajjar Kurehit is; “Keshaa Di beadbi… Dishonoring the hair”. Dishonoring hair means anything which alters kes, and tampers with the law’s of nature-so there is no way around hair removal. Dishonoring the kes is one of the four Bajjar Kurehits, the consequence of commiting any of the Bajjar Kurehits is expulsion from the Khalsa Panth. By dishonoring the kes, one turns away from the Guru, one becomes a ‘vemukh’. This is what Guru Amar Das Jee says about ‘vemukhs’:

jy ko gur qy vymuKu hovY ibnu siqgur mukiq n pwvY ]

pwvY mukiq n hor QY koeI puChu ibbykIAw jwey ]

Anyk jUnI Brim AwvY ivxu siqgur mukiq n pwey ]

iPir mukiq pwey lwig crxI siqgurU sbdu suxwey ]

khY nwnku vIcwir dyKhu ivxu siqgur mukiq n pwey ]22]

One who turns away from the Guru, and becomes vemukh - without the True Guru, he shall not find liberation.

He shall not find liberation anywhere else either; go and ask the wise ones about this.

He shall wander through countless incarnations; without the True Guru, he shall not find liberation.

But liberation is attained, when one is attached to the feet of the True Guru, chanting the Word of the Shabad.

Says Nanak, contemplate this and see, that without the True Guru, there is no liberation. ||22||

To become one of the Khalsa family again, one has to go in front of the Panj Piyare in Guru’s Hazoori, and ask for forgiveness. If the Panj Piyare accept the individuals plea than the individual has to retake Khande Baate Da Amrit.

All of you so called “amritdharee singhneaa” who have dishonored your hair in anyway, have committed a Bujjar Kurehit and need to go pesh ASAP!!!

Removing Hair

rom rom mih bsih murwir ||

On each and every hair, the Lord abides.

gurmuiK roim roim hir iDAwvY ||

The Gurmukh meditates on the Lord with every hair of his body.

It is a shame that these ‘singhneaa’ who remove or change the appearance of their hairs, do not realize that God himself resides in these hairs.

The Saloks of Guru Nanak Dev Jee say;

isru Kohwie pIAih mlvwxI jUTw mMig mMig KwhI || They pluck the hairs out of their heads, and drink in filthy water; they beg endlessly and eat the garbage which others have thrown away.

Byfw vwgI isru Kohwiein BrIAin hQ suAwhI || Their hands are smeared with ashes, and the hair on their heads are plucked out-they are like sheep.

nwnk isrKuQy sYqwnI eynw gl n BwxI || O Nanak, the shaven-headed ones are devils. They are not pleased to hear these words.

People who remove their hair will suffer endlessly in the world after, they will have to suffer punishments given by the ‘jamdhoots’, (angles of death) and ‘Dharamrai’, (Righteous Judge of Dharma). They will have to go through ’Lakh Chouraaseeh’ (life cycle of 8.4 million incarnations).

You cannot represent the Khalsa, the image of Guru Sahib, with your faces painted with make-up, tiny pencil-line eyebrows and yellow hair (due to bleaching) all over your face! I urge you all to wake up!

^wlsw myro rUp hY ^ws ||

The Khalsa is my image

^wlsy mih hO krO invws ||

Within the Khalsa I reside

Guru Gobind Singh Jee says the following;

iehY mor AwigAw sunhu hy ipAwry ||

ibnw Ssqr kysM idvoN n iddwry ||

Listen to this command oh beloved, this is the essential pre-requisite to attain my darshan. Without arms and kes I will not give you darshan.

This shows that you cannot have ‘darshan’ (blessed vision) with Guru Gobind Singh Jee, if you do not have kes. Remember as previously stated this includes dishonoring your kes (bleaching, plucking, etc…) which is a Bajjar Kurehit.

There is an extract in Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh’s book; Unditthi Duniya, which brilliantly explains why we should not bleach, remove hair or wear make-up:


“The mortals of evil leanings, burning the evil desires, wear evil adornments and ruin their lives even in the next world. All the adornments and

beauty of falsehood are transitory and of no avail after death. Aping the false adornments of women of other faiths, the women who forsake their own dress-code of Sikhism in pursuit of the latest fashion, come to grief, as the following Gurbani quotes illustrates:

One goes for the latest hair-do

and make-up, Yet she is welcome

not at the door of Lord Husband!

There is nothing but wailing and

grief for the self-centred.

Vadhans M.1 (558)

Leaving aside the simple way of Gursikhi God-Oriented Gurmukh ladies, is to have tress-knot at top of the head covered with turban, as per the Khalsa dress code. Those who delve in fashionable hair-do’s and make-up are paving their way to hell. The above Gurbani quote makes it clear, delving in fashion leads not to true love, but only to wailing and grief in the Court-Divine. Should these Sikh ladies have fear of awaiting Justice-Divine, so well explained repeatedly through the Wisdom of the Guru, they would not dare to delve in falsehood of fashion and spoil their life in the hereafter.

Fearlessness of the future life after death and the non-belief in its existence is to get engrossed in the filth of characterless ness. Even in this world, the scorching of characterless ness leads many to their living verily in hell in prime of their youth. The worst may still be awaiting them when they depart in disgrace. Here is Gurbani quote to illustrate this:

Discarded by the Lord Spouse, lament truly and find no place in Divine Abode. The ugly ones ensnared by love of worldliness are destined to suffer in the hereafter..2.

Vadhans M.3 (559

Deprived of the love of the Beloved Lord, the true Union of Love, depicted in Gurmat, the mortal beings delving in the evil adornments truly lament as the discarded beings here in this world and also in the next. Their miserable plight of wailing and grief has been witnessed by Satguru as also by the ones graced with Divine-Sight, Saintly Gursikhs and devotees. Says the Guru, the unfortunate ones are not destined to find the Lord's Abode nor is it feasible. Given to worldly fashion, adopted by women of ill-repute, like adornments of lustful gaudiness make a person appear ugly and unclean. Such ones are bound to suffer in the hereafter. Unlimited shall be their misery and sufferings. Rest assured there is no escape from this fate. Never slacken your vigil regarding life that awaits in the hereafter, for the

mind-oriented shall certainly be meted out punishment there.”


The above extract, blatantly tells us that plucking, bleaching and wearing make-up is extremely wrong! You are now aware how wrong and manmat bleaching and plucking is, so if you do either of these things you should stop it right now and change your ways. Or if you know of anyone who does the following things, show them this booklet.

A note to Singh’s; If your Singhni is dishonoring her hair in anyway, and therefore commiting a Bajjar Kurehit, not only does she have to take Amrit again, but you also become peshi therefore you must also go to the Panj Piyare.

roim roim min qin iek bydn mY pRB dyKy ibnu nId n peIAw ||

Each and every hair on my head, and my mind and

body, suffer the pains of separation; without seeing my God, I cannot sleep.

vahigurujikakhalsavahigurujikifateh pray.gif

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thanx panjee for that post, will show it to any 1 who needs a butt kicking, mayb even me too if i ever thought of doing one of those things in the future if my situation got out of hand, lol, :) Although like kiran k panjee what about such extreme circumstances, what shud she do, i dont know if shes amrtdhari so cant say.

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***amrjeet's sister; tarrandeep kaur***

kiran panj, i know its hard but you gotta accept it as guru's jee's will. i am sorry but it is wrong for you to remove your hair, abstaining from the bajjar kurehits is one of the basic principles to being a sikh. removing hair is a bajjar kurehit penj, it cannot be taken lightly. yes it must be hard for you with excessive hair but you need to build on ur sikhi so your faith will be stronger, and then you wont even think bout removin your hair. all the best penj, email me for more advice if you want tarrandeep_kaur@yahoo.co.uk :TH:

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I think I posted this article on this forum a long time ago. But here it is again. It is not written by me though.

My wife, the beautiful one

I came in from the fields and found my wife sleeping, her head was down on the table, and there was some papers in her hand. Without disturbing her I gently removed them and read what she had written.

She wrote:

"Everything has been changing so suddenly, I don't know who to tell, there is no one to tell, but I must tell someone, so I am just writing this to myself to try to organize my thoughts, to try to find some sense, to all the changes, recently, in my life.

My husband had been acting so strangely, weeping and talking about sleep and death. Then he met this unusual man, Sat Kartar Singh. This man is a Sikh. He wears a beard, and has uncut hair which he keeps bound in a turban. After this meeting my husband was much calmer, less disturbed, happy even, but still nothing has ever been normal again in the usual sense.

We went for keertan, to this Singhs home. The music was very beautiful, it wrenched my heart, and made me want to weep, I didn't say anything, because I felt so strange, and the children's father seemed so happy I didn't want to break the spell.

Then a few mornings later he went running from the house. When he returned he seemed calmer, he told me we were going to a sikh gathering.

The smagham had the most unusual effect on me. It is hard to describe, but I must try. It has changed my whole life...

I met a very unusual woman there. She was a Singhni. I think she was the most beautiful woman I have ever met in my life. Her face was radiant and glowed with sach light. Her eyes had sach depth, when I looked into them it was as though the universe opened up its mysteries to me. This woman Bibi ji, was unlike other woman, her face was covered with hair like a young man, soft black and curly. She sat quietly and greeted me quietly and softly. From the very first I was drawn to her. So many were staying at that gathering, she asked me to come and sleep with her and the other ladies. My husband joined the men, and children went off with others their own age.

Bibi ji slept completely covered with a black lo-ee. Or I was never sure that she was sleeping, she was so still. I found myself yearning to be like her. Like the Singhs she also kept her hair bound in a turban. I thought of all the women in my village, with their jewelry, make up lipstick, and nail polish, silk dresses, and artificial finery, none were so beautiful as Bibi ji. She had only 2 changes of clothes, very simple, one blue, and one white, and the ever present black lo-ee.

In the morning everyone began getting up very early, I heard strange sounds, as though there were many lovers, I was frightened and covered my face with my blanket. I slept very late. No one disturbed me. Later Bibi ji came to take me to the langer. I saw my husband there. He greeted me "Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh" I had never heard these words spoken before. I smiled and nodded.

I asked Bibi ji what the words meant. She said this is how Singhs greet each other.She told me when Guru gobind Singh the father of the Khalsa gave Amrit, he told Singhs to greet each other in this manner. I was even more curious. She explained about Guru Gobind Singh and Guru Nanak. I asked her "How does one become a Singh?" She said they must be given Guru jis Amrit, that is baptized.

Just then a very fierce looking Singh, carrying weapons, entered the langer. I must have looked alarmed, She said not to be afraid. He was our protector. Then she explained about the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. There was so much to learn. But I was so thirsty to hear everything. I can't explain even now, to my self what was happening to me. It was so bewildering. I just knew I did not want to leave Bibi jis side.

She said "Lets go to the keertan." She did keertan for one hour, the same 4 lines over and over,

Gurmukh pi-aaray aa-e mil, main chireen vichhunnay raam raajay. Mayraa man tan bahut bairaage-aa, har nain ras bhinnay. Main har prabh pi-aaraa das gur, mil har man mannay Haon moorakh kaarai laa-ee-aa, naanak har kammay

"I am unworthy. I am unworthy of your love."

She was weeping. I was weeping. A beautiful young girl wiped the tears from her face as she sang. I wondered where her children and husband were. It was obvious to me that she was in some sort of deep mourning. I thought she must have lost a child. I learned later that this was mourning was called "vairaag" by the sikhs. It meant deep and urgent longing for the guru. I felt so much love for her.

That evening when we went for sleep. I asked her if she would wake me too, in the morning. She agreed, then, disappeared beneath her lo-ee.

I was sleeping face down, I heard "waheguru waheguru" just as I turned, she touched me, I gasped. An electrical current shot though my body shocking me. "Are you ok ?" she asked. I replied only that I had been startled. How could I explain?

She led me to the showers, "isnaan", she said. During her bath she kept on some of her clothing. I was surprised, she said these are kachara, and kirpan, they are a part of me given to me at baptism I can never be separated from them... She explained more about the baptism, how one never removes hair and must keep a comb, and kara also, with one at all times. Her hair, kesh, fell to her knees gleaming as she washed, oiled, and combed it.

Beside her I felt utterly filthy, to my soul. I started weeping, I couldn't stop my self, "No amount of water can ever clean me," I sobbed. She put her arms around me, lovingly and said, "Guru can wash you clean in an instant, when you receive His Amrit."

We went to join the others. "Waheguru Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru" Every one together, in once voice was calling "waheguru"; it was very comforting.

When I met my husband again , I said," I want to take the Amrit." He looked deeply into my eyes and smiled. It felt as though he touched my soul.

The thing is since baptism I have undergoing so many changes. Nothing has been easy, everything has been very difficult, and sometimes a real struggle. Those three hairs, I had plucked from my chin before, have turned to fifty. All my facial hair has gotten darker and much heavier. I don't know what to do. I feel so hideous, and yet there is my Masters face looking back at me when ever I look in the mirror.

Some of my closest former friends are shunning me. I know it is not because they do not love me., They are uncomfortable, and so am I. But my farmer comes in from the fields happy now. He looks at me and says, "I feel so alive." He tells me I am beautiful and the daughter of Guru Gobind singh, but it doesn't stop the shame. The singhs give me so much love and treat me as their sister. But inside I see the beautiful smooth faces of other women, and I feel disfigured. Bibi ji was special, she had courage, I am not like her. I want to cover my face in shame. I weep into the ramalas and plead with Guru ji, for what? To make me like other women rather than like Him. I can't ask for that, and so I just weep and feel ashamed. I feel like I am being punished for all my past misdeeds. Sometimes, I don't know how I can bear it.

We went to another smagham. A young girl was washing feet. I heard her say, "Who is she she? She is so beautiful." Later she met me and said, "They say you practice a different kind of Sikhism." I replied, "There is only one Waheguru, What is different? We both love Him. Sikhism is Sikhism." I wanted to tell her , "Yes, do AMrit vela, do waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru. Do Naam simran." But I couldn't say anything.

I felt beautiful, but I know that I am not. It's just vanity , this body is corruption, and it is rotting away. Nothing matters to me any more but Naam, and my Kakars and Paath. I can't be separated from them, it would kill me. Literally I would die. Slip back into a partial person, not fit to be called human, consumed in pain, always trying to anesthetize myself with fruitless activities.

It is a struggle to wake up and do Paath. Sometimes we are so sleepy, we want to go for the bed, but we look at each other and remember how it was before, that is enough to wake us up again. I envy those born to this path, so pure and innocent, they don't feel the traces of dirt..."

I put the papers down, and woke my wife, I pulled her into my arms, and looked in to her eyes, *HE* looked back at me.

"I didn't know, you should have told me. I have been so selfish, thinking everything was me all this time. I thought you just did this for me. Forgive me."

We both started weeping in to each others arms. "It will be ok, we'll get through this with waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru." Then we were weeping and laughing together.

The children came in and found us. They just looked at us like we were crazy,

"What's for langer?" the little one asked.

(Note: This aprticle was taken from the following link originally, but it does not exist there anyrmore: http://www.snsm.org.my/library/articles/my_wife.htm)

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