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Chaupai Sahib

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JSingh Ji, please use this topic to enlighten us about the reality of Chaupai Sahib. Please do not copy paste articles from sikhmarg or anything. I have read those already. If you need to make a reference just provide the link. everyone please refrain from writing emotional posts and making attacks. respect everyone. Admin Ji, the purpose of this topic is to discuss Gurbani. So don't close it. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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JSingh Ji, please use this topic to enlighten us about the reality of Chaupai Sahib. Please do not copy paste articles from sikhmarg or anything. I have read those already. If you need to make a reference just provide the link. everyone please refrain from writing emotional posts and making attacks. respect everyone. Admin Ji, the purpose of this topic is to discuss Gurbani. So don't close it. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh


Bijla Singh Ji, I have read the justification of your Piara Singh Padam on Dasam Granth in The Khalsa Fauj's post. I have learned everything about you and him. Its like a mona person justifying cutting of his hair by saying, "kesan che ki rakheya, dil saaf hona chahida. sikhi tan andar aa." No matter what you say, that person will never listen. Majority of Dasam Granth's (title NOT given by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji) writings is anti-gurmat, but Piara Singh Ji keeps justifying it by absurd arguments. To me, it looks like Piara Singh Padam has joined with Baba Virsa Singh and Ashutosh. Please do not fall into their trap... and see the reality as is.

I have one more question for you. Will you be able to read the writings of dasam granth, such as in that pdf file (Dasam Granth Asli Roop), in front of your family (mother, sister, brother, father, etc. etc.)? If you answer is yes, then I will pray.gif for you and your audience.

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Singh Ji, I asked you to justify it. I haven’t even presented a single argument yet. You talked about how Sikhs fight each other and don’t accept others because of their different beliefs. Well, you are on of them. Instead of presenting your case with some reasoning you chose the way of attacking others. What a great way to justify your beliefs. If Bhai Piara Singh has joined ashutosh then can you give us some proofs? Kaliyan kartootan of kala afghana, his supporters, and spoksman are well known to all of us. In fact, this old man didn’t even know what was written in his books. Nowhere in my posts have I written that all of dasam granth is bani. But you just had to make up your assumptions by saying “I have learned everything about you.” What have you learned about me? that I am an “RSS agent, supporter of ashutosh”? Just because others do not agree with you on some topics doesn’t mean they are idiots and you are the smart one.

I can very well assume that you rejected dasam granth after reading articles and books written by scholars. If you did some research on your own i.e. studied different copies of dasam granth and found new facts please present them to us. Otherwise you can just provide the names of the books you have read which will be better a justification than the one you presented earlier. Also, can you post the list of banis that you believe in from dasam granth? Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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Isn't Chapai, Swaiye and Jaap Sahib Ji part of Dasam Granth?

If they are - and they are part of the morning Nitnem for an Amritdhari Sikh - then what do them sikhs who do not believe in Dasam Bani read in the morning? - Do they still read these bani's??

Just asking - no offence to ne1,


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u dont accept anything from purrans

u better start taking stuff away from guru granth sahib je

guru je has used many refrences to puraans IN guru granth sahb je to such things as harnaakhs and prhlaad, ajaamal, ganika

all of these r from hindu dharm

these are metaphors used for sikhi

if u cud use ure mind to accept the same of triya charitars, then u wud understand

but ure not gonna let this go until u die r u

bhula chuka maf

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The examples in Guru Granth Sahib Ji are small and are used as examples only. They are nothing close to chariters. Those stories about Ganika and Prahladd don't promote stealing or pimping or robbing or something anti-Gurmat unlike the chariters which say even God is regretting after making women. Which says never trust a woman and says always use her and says those who don't take drugs are moorakhs and those who take them are smart. Which says Guru Gobind SIngh Ji got fooled by a slutty type of woman. Which says Guru Ji told Sikhs to steal turbans from people taking piss. Which says Guru Ji needed to learn mantras, which says Guru Ji fed the woman liqour with his own hands to drug her up and run away. Which says Guru Ji grabbed the beard of the woman's brother and accused him to be a thief. Which says Guru Ji forgot his shoes and shall at the woman's house while running, which says Guru Ji thought about pleasing the woman but had fear of child because the child would be brought up as a pimp or a prostitute. Which says Guru Ji was a king. Which says that a king got beat up and had to have sex with the woman. What is the moral here? Just do it before you get beat up? Which says those who refuse to women go to hell. Which says:

iek idn BWg, imqR qy leI .. (cirqR 325, 1281)

posq sihq, APIm cVHweI ..

bhu riq1 krI, n bIrj igrweI ..

AwT2 phr lig, kuAir bjweI4 .. 10..

sB inis 5 nwir, Bog jb pwXo ..

bhu Awsn6 kir, hrK7 bFwXo .. 11..

8dÍY Gitkw, jo Bog krq nr ..

qw9 pr rIJq, nwir bhuq kr..

cwir10 phr, jo kyl kmwvY 12 ..

so ikauN n iqRX ko13, icq curwvY .. 12..

rYin14 skl iqn, qruin15 bjweI16 ..

Bwiq Bwiq ky, swQ hMFweI17 ..

Awsn kry, qruin bhu hwrw ..

cuMbnwid20, nK18 Gwq19 Apwrw .. 13 ..

1. Kyh Kwx dI ikRXw 2. 24 GMitAw qk 3. kuAwrI kuVI 4. nwl Bog kIqw 5. rwq 6. kwm ikRXw dy Awsn 7. KuSI 8. do GVIAW (pOxy ku GMty dw smw) 9. Aijhy purK 10. 12 GMitAw qk 11. kwm kRIVw 12. kry 13. iesqRI 14. rwq 15. jvwn iesqRI 16. nwl Bog kIqw 17. Bog kIqw 18. nhuM, nwKUn 19. mwrny 20. cuMmx Awidk

Kanjar Kavita. Kama Sutra from Hindus. Same type of material.

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    • *bump I firmly believe that one quote in regards to cannabis is not written by Guru Nanak Dev Ji (O'lord the fear of thee). B/c nasha is nasha. But cannabis is a bit a different since it was used for medicinal purposes in India also. 
    • I feel gurdwaras are maybe somewhat getting back to their functions as dharmsalas containing schools and learning centres. With panjabi schools, gurmat classes, santhiya, martial arts, keertan training, with sikhi camps occasionally in towns, there is somewhat some functions connected to traditional gurdwaras of the past.
    • I do sometimes think that the function of a gurdwara has expanded to things that were not expected before. We expect them to be political institutions, we want them to be social clubs, we want them to be creches, we want them to be daycare centres. 
    • there's too many Kenya Singhs in those kinda gurdwaras, really chummy chummy with the goras and politicians, fixo the beards to the max and younger generations just trimming it instead of getting into the fixo malarkey, lack of open beards and turbans you can take off like hats, don't make for intimidating or annakhi singhs. I heard that pakistanis try to pickup girls from the Slough Ramgharia gurdwara.  They need to join with the other 2 gurdwaras in Slough to help them out, they can't act like the elders did where they split from the Singh Sabha gurdwara because they were too aggressive, now is the time to use that aggression.  And the Guru Maneyo Granth gurdwara Bath Road gets nationwide sangat on Sundays, so just use those numbers in Slough! in these gurdwaras, gyanis and sewadaars are known by the regular sangat, and regular sangat is close knit. Activities and panjabi schools are also good as most of the same children come.  In both areas, I don't like the lack of cooperation between Ramgharia and Singh Sabha gurdwaras. Overall it's a benefit to have gurdwaras in at least 2 different locations in big towns and cities. But it's bad if they don't cooperate, especially in major issues that Khalsa is known for. Ramgharia gurdwaras like to rep up Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgharia, with the Slough gurdwara even having a statue. But the lack of keeping Khalsa rehit, looking too scared and cowardly to keep full beards or open beards, not acknowledging the Khalsa Nihang Singh mentality of Jassa Singh and being stuck in the kenya Singh mentality, not even willing to read Chaupai Sahib properly during Rehras, and many of these Ramgharia gurdwaras are not even willing to keep basic rehit of allowing sitting on the floor for langar and allowing shoes inside as well, all these behaviours aren't working for chardi kala of the panth! It's like they are trying to keep their own type of sikhi, it's not even a tradition, just being stuck in their own box, they are not in the colonial British army, or serving in the world wars, or making train tracks or some other jobs for the gora, why do they behave this way, this archaic stuff in gurdwara? And doesn't do justice to Jassa Singh Ramgharia, who would have been a rehitee Nihang Singh, annakhi Singhs who defeated the enemies and kept in the brotherhood of the Khalsa with the other misls, even after their whole misl was excommunicated expelled from the panth, they still rejoined the Khalsa and helped defeat the enemies! I don't see them trying to integrate with the rest of the panth in the ramgharia gurdwaras, not like Jassa Singh, obviously it's the elders who instil these mentalities, with some of the youngsters trying to connect back into sikhi!
    • Try get CBT - Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a type of talking therapy. It is a common treatment for a range of mental health problems. CBT teaches you coping skills for dealing with different problems. It focuses on how your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affect your feelings and actions. It can help overcome anxiety. In the UK you can self-refer to a professional service offering CBT therapy. I know a few people who have had this and it helped with their social anxiety. 
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