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Length Of Dumalla And Keski

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for your keski:

take the circumference of your head, multiplied by the diameter (which obviously will be kind of tough to measure for ewll..obvious reasons...so estimate!)

take this number (in centimetres), multiply by PI(3.14159). take the natural log of this number. we'll call this number (A), for future reference.

then, take the number of calories you eat in a day (uslaly between 2000 and 4000), and divide by 1000. then multiply by the inverse of the number of glasses of milk you drink on average, in a day. (so if you drink 3 glasses of mlik, then multiply by 1/3)

take this number and multiply by (A)...

so for example, if your circumference of cranium is 35 centimetres, and the diameter is esetimated at 20, and you multiply these together and multiply that answer by PI, you should get


the natural log of this number is:


then let's say you consume 3000 calories per day, and you drink 6 glasses of milk in a day, then that's 3/6, or 0.5

multiply this by 7.69580938 = 3.84790469..

OR IN other words, your keski should be 3.85 metres!

now to the dumaalaa... first of all, you need to decide how high you want your dumalla to be.. if you want the bunga to be high, then estimate HOW high... let's say you want a bunga (from middle of forehead to top of bunga) of 30 centimetres.

you take your keski size, which in this example was 3. 85.

you then multiply by the Future Value Interest Factor of an Annuity at 10%, 3 periods (always use 10%, the number of periods is defined by required bunga height divided by 10..round up if required.)

so it's 3.85 times 3.31 = 12.7435.

you then need to take the square root of this number, because you'll have keski and dumalla, which is 2 turbans, so square root that number, and you get 3.56980392....for simplicity, we'll round up to 3.57.

okay.. now take 3.57, multiply by keski size, 3.85, and your dumalla size in metres is....

13.745 metres long!

i hope that answered your question, and best of luck!

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