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I was wondering the same thing on like you know how to take care od dari etc. I dont really have a big dari right now but still you know to keep everything in place instead like (as im right now) my dari's like all over the place.. any advice would be great...

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Kiddah Little Veer

There are loads of ways of tying your dhari up. I generally leave mine kulla, unless im gigging or going to a wedding. Ill try and explain one of the more common and quicker ways of tying up your dhari as best i can. Ah and if you do it this way, make sure you wash your dhari atleast once a day, otherwise it'll start itching.

Firstly brush down the sides of your dhari. Spray hairspray/gel on the sides (Just on the sides yet). brush down each side while using a hairdryer on the sides, this will keep your sides in place.

Ten what your going to need is some cloth (similar to mal mal) about 5inches wide and 24inches long. now what to do is ...you know what bruv...this bit is a <admin-profanity filter activated> ...ill make a vid when i get a chance today and post it up somewhere for you. Ill message you my email address bruv.


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