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Sikhsangat Picnic This Weekend

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i would love to go to one of these things. Maybe someone should organise a pinic for the Uk sikhsangat....who wants to plan it?

Oh go on do the honors! :p :lol:

What about Sikhsangat veggie BBQ! :gg:

I don't mind planning it. I would even make a poster for it and advertise it properly but I cannot do it on my own. I need a team. We will need to set up on the day, someone to pick people up, someone to organise the food stuff, someone to take care of the fun and games side of things. And then where do we hold it? What day? What time? I wish I was in California, we don't have any beaches in the UK unless we go to Cornwall but then thats gonna be expensive....where are we gonna get the money from :(

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Thanks, I just talked 2 Satnam Paji and its well planned routes. Guys come on its gonna be fun over there. The broadwalk have cool water and sand to ley on.

I love samosay. Reverse 5 for me plz (Hehe). Cant wait no more.........

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FYI, the flights from London areas and Canadian Airports are to depart on 7/25/08 at 7pm. :p jk

We are planning PikNiks and Camps in UK and Canada but need local Members to come to help organize this... We have more than a couple of moderators from UK and Toronto area, so if you are interested in a picnic in your local area, contact them. Location is Yours, Time is Yours and SikhSangat is Yours.

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