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Crative Boy From Immortal Productions Is A Fake

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some very very wise person once asked me this question

out of the 2....which one is a better sikh...

a) a man who drinks alcohol and does path?

b) a man who neither drinks alcohol nor does path?

i said b... because he isnt commintin any sins

but actually the wise person told me....the 2nd guy isnt doin anything to get closer 2 god.

at the least the 1st man does path......maybe one day that path will enpower him and reach out to him...and he mite stop drinkin alcohol.

the lesson is we are all human....we all make mistakes.. not tryin to say crative boy drinks...because he dont.

now people are even sayin he shudnt have put those pics up on his myspace? so he shud have hidden them instead? cos we all know no matter how much u hide things n keep secrets god is always watching......

we shud definatly concentrate on becomin better sikhs our selves rather than gossiping and pointin the finger at other people

unless the 15 year old girl who wrote the blog is GOD herself? i think not...

those pictures do no represent anythin especially if u were not there wen they were taken

no1 wears their turban 24/7 ....my dad takes it off wen hes a home....so did crative wen he was on holiday....yeh mayb he was with people who drink but u cant look down on som1 4 drinkin ...jus as long as u dont urself...

if some1 put up a picture of me kissin my brother.....does that mean im a <banned word filter activated>?

people shud jud think about things twice before they go round doin things

at least crative boy is a role model.....hes done alot more 4 sikh youths then alot of people....we shud praise him 4 that...instead of kickin him wen he does something wrong...... becos if we do that...we mite as well be muslim.

From God we can not escape.. thouse pictures shouldnt have made it to the net in the first place. I personally wouldnt upload a picture of me sitting with other people with my pug of and drinks on the table. People will allways get the wrong impression regardless of the truth. As someone stated in this Thread it may have been a personal attack on this particular individual, if so then THEY found a point to focus on resulting in the degrading of Crative in peoples eyes. Reputation and role modelism comes with a price. Display yourself in a incorrect way and people will always formulate personal attacks. Its been like this with everything in this world. Lets hope he can build himself up.

In regards to the 15year old girl thinking shes God: as stated by myself and others in this Thread it may have been personal. I do belive that theres more to it then meets the eye. However that shouldnt matter to us as this forum was to voice opnions. "we mite as well be muslim" well if you hadnt noticed these muslims have 1 goal > world domination and its accomplished by sticking together - which completely difies your post and opnion.

Besides this issue may be the headline for now but everything has its time limit.

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kabeer maaree maro kusang kee kaelae nikatt j baer |

Kabeer, I have been ruined and destroyed by bad company, like the banana plant near the thorn bush.

ouh jhoolai ouh cheereeai saakath sang n haer |88|

The thorn bush waves in the wind, and pierces the banana plant; see this, and do not associate with the faithless cynics. ||88||

ruined by bad sangat

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

I was very disappointed by the article "Crative Boy Exposed" written by Harpreet Kaur. She has used this international website and her position as editor to degrade others and pursue a personal vendetta. What is worse this has been all in the name of “Sikhi”. This is a blatant misuse of her power and highlights possibly our worst trait as a nation…the practise of “choogli” (Gossip).

I have to question the accuracy of the editor’s story. Someone who cannot even be bothered to spell check their work probably will not be bothered to check the accuracy of it and check the reliability of her sources. The story is littered with spelling and grammatical mistakes (a very poor example for our youth).

Further if this editor really was concerned for Crative Boy, then perhaps she would have been better off speaking to him personally rather than trying to destroy his credibility in such a public manner.

I suggest the editor retracts her story and writes an apology.

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Revolutionary the last bit of your post fails to make any sence. :umm:

Yes I kinda realised u didnt understand the last bit hence the expected dissection of my story.

Dont worry lol :TH:

NaNa Paaji wasnt deliberitly trying to dissection you post but was simply trying to outline how incorrect or misleading some of it is. I doubt Crative Boy is thinking that, in any situation like this you either try to rectafie the problem or seek revenge. Thats human nature.

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This is the first time i have heard about this creative boy but the way people seem to be going on about this is he like some kind of a sikh legend in the music business? just curious...

I've never heard of him either....and I haven't read all of this thread......but it seems like people had high expectations of him but then he went the other way. So whats happened - now everyone is hurt..

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