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Singh Is Kinng


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I just went and saw the film "SINGH IS KING", cinema packed with singhs....its not a bad movie at all...Sikhs have been highlighted as the helper of all, and giving to the poor and needy...Although I think the turbans cud have been tied better and abit of beard wudnt harm in anyway to portray sikh appearance....but it really doesnt instigate violence..which is daft.

Guru Ji never created violence...he fought for the truth and defeated the oppressors...and this is what the True King did, the king of all Badhshahs, to the Guru I salute him

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saw the movie....

thought it was funny that the expresison, satnam sri waaheguru was translated as "hail guru nanak singh"

also, akshay getting married around the agni in a mistake was weird. as a pure comedy it was ok, pretty funny at times.

as a movie with a title of singh is king, it was pathetic. one could eaily see the parts that were added after sikhs protested. for example when the aunty tells akshay that he has cut his hair etc, but he had his hair cut already...it made no sense. also the references to the khalsa made no sense, as no khalsas were even shown in the movie.

the makers of this film put about 1% effort into doing research on singhs. if interest has been developed in non-sikhs about sikhs, it's most likely about how we get the girls to dance around us half-naked and how we manage to outdrink other people, as in akshay outdrinking the puneet character.....nothing short of rap stars in music videos, they also get quite the attention because of women and the bling....

if our people see this as some kind of positive outreach to sikhs from bollywood, then i'm afraid to say we have really lowered our standards very very low and have been duped.

i'm not going to say that this is some bollywood conspiracy against sikhs. i will say that the bollywood film industry doesn't respect the audience's intellect enough to make a decent product. it has no effort behind it. just skimpy clothes and some neat songs shot in cool locations. basically like watching MTV for 2.5 hours.

this movie is just another bollywood flick, nothing more nothing less. hip songs, gorgeous women, and a comical character with a turban who belongs to a minority community.


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Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar says his romantic comedy Singh is Kinng is for his grandparents.

"It is an entertaining film and I have made it for my grandmother and my grandfather. The film is about positive attitude - that is the USP of the film. I am eager to take them to watch the film," Akshay told the media here Thursday.



Khalid Mohamed , Hindustan Times

August 08, 2008

First Published: 22:08 IST(8/8/2008)

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Om Puri

Rating: **

Direction: Anees Bazmee

Cluck cluck. He has this yen for a hen. And so for an entire reel, Happy Singh chases a murghi around those Punjab mustard fields. Hen flies, someone mentions butter chicken, Happy runs after hen again, breaks a TV set and demolishes everything in sight, particularly your patience. Surely, it has to improve after this.

It doesn’t. Because director Anees Bazmee’s butter chicken gives those mustard field people badhazmee. Anon, they’re all making faces at Singh is Kinng, banishing Happy to Australia or wherever they’re offering air discounts now-a-daze. In the company of Om Puri (surely the thespian’s most challenging role yet), Happy lands up in Egypt — don’t even ask how — to make the locals unhappy.

Frankly, you’re not even looking for logic-‘n’-sense because for such good old virtues of entertainment are equated with ‘intellectualism’(will some nerd even explain what it means?). Sigh, you’re just looking for ‘time-pass’ but this isn’t worth your car fuel or cola-corn double whammy. It’s just bilge.

Contemptuous of audience taste, the screenplay is heavily cadged from Frank Capra’s Pocketful of Miracles (already done by Raj Khosla as Teri Maang Sitaron Se Bhar Doon and to a degree, sampled in Lage Raho Munnabhai). There’s also quite a lot of Jackie Chan’s Mr Canton and Lady Rose here. Viva DVD guys.

Now shhhh, you’re not supposed to bring up such piffling matters. Cinema’s all about making BIG bucks. Just get a star worth mega-crores, a director who’s scored a recent boundary or two, location shoot in the Gold Coast for cool subsidies, go far out with the publicity. And what do you know? You’ve got an initial audience. Unless your luck is really as bad as Tashan, it’s a win-win situation. Say cheese.

Hmm, never mind. Let’s get back to Yappy Happy (Akshay Kumar). Okay, so he’s on the coast, hungry for a toast, which is given to him by an NRI-kind of Tarla Dalal (Kirron Kher). Grateful for the rest of his life, Happy tells a gang of crooks to behave like boy scouts and help her in a pinch. Flinch. Arrives Toast Mommy’s daughter (Katrina Kaif) and her filthy rich fiancé (Ranvir Shorey looking anything but). Quite dottily, Mommy must be made out to be super-rich, too. And so the goons gurgle like babies.

If this mess wasn’t enough, there’s more. Happy’s brother or cousin or both (Sonu Sood, wasted) is a dreadful don who is paralysed. His fingers move all over the place though like bhindis. He’s a vegetable on a wheelchair. Despair. The second-half is especially bewildering. It has at least two more movies going on, one about a goon who discovers that he has a daughter (so?). And another about Javed Jaffery who breaks into dance as if he were the son of Basanti from Sholay. JJ also has a duplicate with silver hair, perhaps to save on the expenses of hiring another actor. Really now.

If there’s a storyline here, it’s kept an international secret. Technically, the result could belong to the days of Jeetendra in the 1970s, what with the editing wipes and the harshly lit photography. Oddly, Pritam’s music sounds better in the promos. And the dialogue is of the ‘Kaan kholke sun lo’ type (is there any other way actually?).

Of the cast, Neha Dhupia keeps grinning (even in the sad scenes) while performing one of those gangster moll acts. Akshay Kumar does his regular mechanical number — stunts, comedy, repressed romance — with no surprises. Katrina Kaif, as a classic bimbette, doesn’t even have to speak too much Hindi. Mercifully.

All seen and survived, beneath the hype there's an empty heart here.

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the makers of this film put about 1% effort into doing research on singhs.
Thats true. In fact the producer Vipul Shah said in a press conference that when they make Singh is Kingg 2, they are going to consult the Sikh organizations right from the start all the way to the end to make sure nothing goes wrong then, and promised that Singh is Kingg 2 would be even better. I liked it when he admitted that when you portray a community you don't belong to yourself, things can tend to go wrong, but I appreciate the fact that the man intends to improve in future. So thumbs up to him for that.

if interest has been developed in non-sikhs about sikhs, it's most likely about how we get the girls to dance around us half-naked and how we manage to outdrink other people
I am not too sure about that veeray. Several Punjabi girls born in Sikh families don't like turbanned guys, and the general non-Sikh girls (unless they are blessed lol) look upon Sardars as jokers anyways. So I don't think non-Sikhs would want to "learn" how Sardars get girls dance around them because reality is totally different. In my opinion, non-Sikhs could learn qualities like being helpful etc. from Sikhs.
this movie is just another bollywood flick, nothing more nothing less. hip songs, gorgeous women, and a comical character with a turban who belongs to a minority community.
tu thair ja mai dassda parjhaaee nu...vadda aya gorgeous da...HAHAHAHAHAHA...juz kidding veeray :D :p

What delights me about this movie is that all those who watch Hindi movies, Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Arabs, Iranians, etc. will be listening, singing, dancing to, humming to, and playing in their cars/shops/homes/TVs the song "SINGH IS KINGG". All those who've been making fun of Sikhs will have this song running in their heads all day long. And guess what, all of India is going to vibrate with this song, and I don't need to specify what I can see coming someday in future. KHALSA RAJ! It has begun! :1singh1:

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Singh is Kinng 2 will hopefully be just as good.

I have already listened to the song 100000 times and am still not bored :)

It was a strange decision picking Snoop Dogg - in the movie he looked more Arabian/Turkish than Sikh!

One more note - they should have spelt it "Singh is Kingh" - Kingh instead of Kinng.

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Kinng was because the astrologist as per numerology advised to change King to Kinng, to add one more N to ward of evil! lol

The movie has broken previous box office records for the past ten years. It earned over Rs 18 crore in just two days. And has earned over Rs 58 crore till Monday morning.

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the sikhs who protested did well! nothing makes them extreme...................everybody who is against them r weak sikhs..........ie vampire...........bollywood makes a film singh is king..............SIKHS would expect it to be positive and religious......as lets not forget when guru gobind singh ji formed the khalsa the name SINGH was only given to those who took amrit.......ie gobind rai to gobind singh..............the lead actor looks nothing like guru gobind singh.....he hasn't even got a full beard..........he has probably got only one kakkar which is the karra...........yet he is a singh............he is dancing around with girls who look like prostitutes..............yet he is a singh?..........there is nothing singh about him. nowadays people haven't even taken amrit yet they already claim to be Singhs !

if simply by wearing a turban makes one a singh then i suppose profit mohammed was a singh?.......... this obviously is not the case....................

the so called sikhs, ie punjabis (vampire singh)would obviously love this film because for them a sikh is somebody who wears a karra and a turban..........it is the same for the so called kaurs who wear karreh but look like prostitutes. the girl dancing with akshay is the perfect example of the so called kaurs of today. when somebody says this to these punjabi's they get awfully angry and defensive and still say that they are 'representing'..........

anybody who is thinking and walking on this path needs to look further into themselves and really think as to whether this is right.....................if anybody adopts the name singh.....then they need to understand that they are guru gobind singh ji's child........and why would guru gobind singh ji's child do something which is tottally opposite to his father?

i can't imagine dhan dhan sri guru gobind SINGH ji doing what this SINGH does is this film can you...............?

if you can, only then you can say this film is acceptable but you will find that it is not.

take a look at the person who gave us the name of SINGH...................


would he be proud of this film.............?..............

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