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Can Vegetarians Eat Whey Powder?

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yes there are many vegie protien shakes ...

but mere salhaa oh we free deh do not eat all this crap..eat ur natural food...5 meals per day ...protien shakes is nothing but total wste of money ..iv spend thousand and thousand of dollars on this crap..once u leave ur FUSSSSSSSSSS ..but natural keeps ur muscle gain for long time :)

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Can vegetarians eat whey powder? Some one told me whey powder contains animal fat?

Can someone confirm this?

Please read Here:


Where do you live?

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i disagree with you, i have done weight lifitng for many years now and whey protein is a great help for pre and post workout shakes which aid lifting. who can be bothered to make 6 meals a day, protein shakes can be used as meal replacements and are quick and easy to make. muscles gains will go away if u dont train weather u use whey or not. u eat food to feed ur muscles with protein, whey is just a shortcut, same thing both natural! fateh

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