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Akhand Keertan And Funeral For Bibi Jasmeet Kaur‏

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Before the sublime mystery of existence, space and time, according to the will of God our beloved Jasmeet Kaur at the tender age of 14 years has departed from this world. In the final hours of her short life she was blessed with Amrit and the warm embrace of the Guru ji. Her soul is now free and united with Waheguru.

Please let your family and friends know about this event to spread the message. I have created a blog and will be uploading an article about our beloved Jasmeet Kaur shortly:


Please bless us with your Darshan at the two day event which includes Akhand Keertan and the funeral.

Guru Rakha!

Amrik Singh

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I feel lost for words. Tears fill my heart and my throat is choked. A gurmukh has come, spread joy all around herself, ,strewn rose petals along the path of those who knew her, sang a song of love to God, Guru, Khalsa panth and humanity. Then, one set of 5 Pyaras gave her Amrit, and another set of 5 pyaras, almost immediately, descended from Sachkhand, carrying a Heavenly Throne in Their midst to seat her on it like the Queen of the Universe, to bring this 'sohagan' into the Mighty Presence of Almighty, Sahibe-kamal , Noor -do-alam ,Badshah Darvesh, Guru Gobind Singh ..... so she can sing eternally as Gurbani says'' priah ki preet sohaveni lagee'' and '' sachi preet hum tum seo joree'' and '' toree na tute,choree na chuthe, esi madho kinch dheni''.

Dhan Guru! Dhan Guru Pyareh!!!!!!!

This is just so so so so amazingly,awesomely ,brilliantly , excitingly magical .Best ever cosmic journey!




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Article has been uploaded on http://jasmeetkaur.blogspot.com

please take time out to read :)

An amazing inspirational article. This must be read by every Gursikh in the world, I feel privilaged to have been alive to have read about the daat of amrit and know that in my lifetime this mahan Singhni was taken straight to Sachkhand. This is a story we will be telling our Grandchildren and future generations.

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Sat Sri Akaal

i never knew about bibi until last night when i was shown a few articles, and that she had passed on

immediately i felt shame that i had never looked for her writings before, that someone at such a young and tender age could express herself so beautifully. This garden of life has lost one of its most beautiful and promising roses, but she has started the journey of the True Reality.

i pray Waheguru makes her time easy until she returns to pure paramatma.

I shall always remember her for the inspiring, sincere individual that she is and was.....

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Amrik Singh jee it was nice of you to share your experiences with us regarding Bibi jee. I was however curious to find out and maybe you might know if when the Bibi was given Naam did the Naam in her start to vibrate automatically. You hear so many Sakhis that state when someone goes infront of the Panj and have had previous Naam Kamayee then this previous bhagtee starts the vibration on its own.

Was there any other inspirational experience in the Amrit Sanchaar?

What was her bhagtee like in this life? I mean what would be her daily routine?


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