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Ragi Darshan Lal In Uk


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Guest Bloom

In My Opinion,

Also Don't Let The Evil Tactic of Divide and Conquer That Darshan Lal and His Team Are Trying To Do, Work. They Are Using The Youth To Do THEIR Dirty Work. All Of Those Against The Heretic and The Khalsa Dharma Dhusts Bosses, Including Congress/Rss/Sarna and Team Etc., Should Stay United Against The Attacks On Khalsa Dharma! Sri DasamGranth Sahib Ji Is Ang of Khalsa! These Heretics Are Out To Destroy Khalsa Dharma! GOI Is Behind Everything! It Involves Fame, Politics, $$$ and Fully Paid Probably First Class Tickets For Darshan Ragi and Agents To Travel All Over The World To Cause Conflicts! Understand This, The More Conflicts Darshan Lal and Agents Causes All Over The World! The Closer GOI Get, To Get Control of Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib (Through Their Agents Such as Sarna), and Also The More Confusion Is Put in The Minds of Innocents, Which Prevents Them From Becoming Khalsa! Know That EVERYTHING That GOI and Their Agents Are Doing Is To Make Sure of ONE Thing! THAT NO ONE BECOMES BIR RAS POORAN SHASTARDHAAREE AMRITDHAAREE KHALSA! Not Only In India! But All Over The World! Why You Ask?!? ANYONE Who Becomes AmritDhaaree, Any Sikh ANYWHERE In The World Love Sri Harmandar Sahib and Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib. The GOI Don't Want ANYONE, Especially Bir Ras AmritDhaaree Khalsa Dharma Premees Being Attached to Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib! Their Plans are LONG TERM! First They Will Wont Attack Sri Kakaars! Only Baanee! Then Next Generation (Actually Just In a Few Years) They Will Attack and Attempt to FINISH Entire Khalsa Dharma! Then They Can Keep 'Sikhs' as Sheep! That Is Their Plan!

Sarna Is The Main Fully Supported and Backed (Including Police Force Etc.) By GOI; To Destroy True Khalsa Dharma From Within. Their Webs and Plans Are FILTHY! They Don't Understand That Akaal Purakh is Real, and Akaal Purakh LOVES His True Khalsa Dharma Aashikhs (Who Love Sri Dasam Patshah Bani and Dhan Dhan Sri DasamGranth Sahib Ji). Akaal Purakh Is Forever With His True Khalsa Dharma Aashikhs. True Khalsa Dharma Is Eternal!

Dhan Dhan MahRaajan De MahRaaj Dhan Dhan Sri GuruGranth Sahib Ji!!!!!

Dhan Dhan Sri Dasam Patshah Bani Dhan Dhan Sri DasamGranth Sahib Ji!!!!!

Dhan Dhan RehitVaan Jeevaanee Panj Pyareh, Khande-Pahul Amrit, Panj Kakaars Ang Sang and Khalsa Rehit Of Khalsa!!!!!

Dhan Dhan Shastar of Khalsa!!!!! Dhan Dhan Being Saved From Bajjar Kureits!!!!!

Dhan Dhan Gurus Nishaan Sahib and Nagaraa!!!!!

Dhan Dhan EVERYTHING In The Palace of Sachaa PatShaah Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji MahaRaaj!!!!!

The Dhusts Of Khalsa Dharma Will Be Destroyed!!!

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Singhs of UK have done a wonderful job.They have shown to the world that sikhs are united against blasphemic

Ragi darshan lal.The police are thinking to clamp charges on hosts of Ragi as his stay is disturbance to peace.

This is a slap on the face of this Gurnindak.He thought he can befool sikhs with his lies.He has very limited people

standing behind him.

Tiger group in fact is gidder group.They look to be a bunch of illegals smuggled from India.

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Just some facts to give a clear picture of the reality of the situation:

*150+ police in full riot gear (TSG).

*officers from Scotland yard.

*a few CID police in plain cloths

*100+ uniformed police.

*300+ Singhs from upnorth and southall.

*Gurdwara totally sealed off from all sides by riot police.

*One Singh got hit with a branch not an iron rod by faujis who where inside the Gurdwara (faujis were 'security') (Singh was not seriously injured).

*no one came out of the Gurdwara afterwards with kirpana, gandaseh or axes (150+ police in full riot gear, dont think it would have went down well).

*Gurdwara window smashed with a brick by protesting Singhs (no one was injured).

*there were no Singhs hiding behind Maharaj, they were sitting, a few gupt Singhs infiltrated the police block to ensure no beadbi took place, they stayed with Maharaj until Sukhashan then left.

*no one died.

*one Singh was arrested for throwing bricks.

*there was alot of swearing from a few of the protesting Singhs, Singhs on the other 'side' also swore (remember we were all at a Gurdwara).

*There were bricks under the stage, and sticks behind one of the doors (neither items were used).

*Darshan Singh did not attend.

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*Darshan Singh did not attend.

He had no choice.Singhs made it impossible for him to attend.had he come more traitors would have been identified as they would be accompanying him.

Who are these faujis? Is it their job to promote blasphemy along with heretic managament of such Gurudwaras.

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