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Ragi Darshan Lal In Uk


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The only way to deal with such elements is to expose them. They are expert at distortions and i will not believe anything they write.

Now they have been defloored they will propagate a different story saying that sikhs were hooligans, were sent by makkar, they stoned Gurudwara etc etc.All that is trashy propaganda.

Do not believe what they write on their website.We are fighting an enemy without ethics.

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Guest Bloom

In My Opinion,

Darshan Lal Gur Nindak Is Under The Commands of Head Bosses of Indian Congress/Rss/Khalsa Dharma Dhusts To Go To Country To Country To Bring Bad Names To Practicing and Khalsa Dharma Aashikhs. They Want Outside Countries To Label True Sikhs In Bad Light. They Will NOT Succeed. Darshan Lal Has Orders To Make Sure That Khalsa Does Not Rise. He Is Aiming At Also Trying To Get Sri Kirpaan Banned (Outside India) For Practicing Sikhs (This Is Part of GOI Plans). They Will Never Succeed, True Khalsa Dharma Aashikhs Will Show The World The Beauty of True Khalsa Dharma That Includes Sri Kirpaan, and The Whole World Will Fall In Love With True Khalsa Dharma and True Khalsa Dharma Aashikhs. Darshan Lal Gur Nindak Is A First Class Actor (Stupid Ignorant Idiots Think "Oh Darshan Himself Wears Kirpaan" This Is a LIE! Darshan Only Wears For Show! He Does NOT Keep Kakaars Ang Sang! He Only Does This For Show For His Movement To Kill Sikh Dharma From Inside. Darshan Lal And His Movement DOES NOT Believe In Sri Kakaars As Well!

People All Around The World Know of GOI Plans! They Are Deliberately Sending GurNindaks All Over The World To Make Sikhs Look Bad! Do Everything In Sehaj and Also Be Victorious! IT IS ALWAYS DARSHAN LAL AND HIS AGENTS THAT ATTACK EVEN PHYSICALLY! This Is Also Part of Their Deception! They ALWAYS ATTACK FIRST! THIS IS PART OF THEIR TACTICS!

Sarna, Darshan, DSGMC and Their Partners, Under The Commands of GOI Have Long Term Plans To Make Sikhs Look Bad In The Whole World. They Will Never Succeed! The Whole World Will Fall In Love With True Khalsa Dharma! Darshan Lal Is a Dramatist and Tactful Actor With Cunning Plans To Use Youth To Do The Dirty Work of GOI. This Is An Old Evil Tactic of Corrupt Ways.

GOI Is Using Darshan Lal and Agents To Disturb The Peace In Other Countries, So Other Countries Give Sikhs a Bad Name! They Will Never Succeed! The Whole World Will Soon Fall In Love With True Khalsa Dharma and True Khalsa Dharma Aashikhs!

Other Countries Will Even Realize The Evil Designs of Darshan Lal And His Bosses. All His Agents In Other Countries Must Be Exposed. They Are Placed In Other Countries To Bring a Bad Name To Sikhi and True Khalsa Dharma. Expose Them All. True Khalsa Dharma Which Includes Dhan Dhan Sri Dasam Patshah Bani and Sri Kakaars Including The Compassion Filled Sri Kirpaan Sahib Is Going To Be Loved By The Whole World. Many People Are Going To Be Magnetized Towards The Greatness of True Khalsa Dharma Themselves!

Dhan Dhan MahRaajan De MahRaaj Dhan Dhan Sri GuruGranth Sahib Ji!!!!!

Dhan Dhan Sri Dasam Patshah Bani Dhan Dhan Sri DasamGranth Sahib Ji!!!!!

Dhan Dhan RehitVaan Jeevaanee Panj Pyareh, Khande-Pahul Amrit, Panj Kakaars Ang Sang and Khalsa Rehit Of Khalsa!!!!!

Dhan Dhan Loving Shastar of Khalsa!!!!! Dhan Dhan Being Saved From Bajjar Kureits!!!!!

Dhan Dhan Gurus Nishaan Sahib and Nagaraa!!!!!

Dhan Dhan Gurus Vegetarian/Vegan Langar The Feeds and Will Feed The Entire World!!!!!

Dhan Dhan EVERYTHING In The Palace of Sacha PatShaah Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji MahaRaaj!!!!!

Why Should I Be Afraid of Darshan Lal's Lies and Blames?!? They Are Number One Liars And Propagandists of Evil! My Opinions Will Be Shared Openly! All of Their Evil Will Be Exposed To The Entire World! They Will Lose Honor Here and Hereafter! Khalsa Dharma Is True! Akaal Purakh Is Forever With His Khalsa Dharma Aashikhs! The Whole World Will Love True Khalsa Dharma!

All Legal Avenues Must Be Pursued In India and Outside As Well To Make Sure Sarna, Darshan Lal and Gang Are Imprisoned For Life.

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However Ragi and his supporters are already blaming sikhsangat forum (this thread in particular) for plotting an attack against him. And because this thread is public it gave information to his supporters to come fully prepared - even more than the Singhs themlseves.


Read the thread and look at the times of the posts - nothing was planned here. Where did you hear him blame Sikh Sangat?

There were a only a handful of his supporters there. The ordinary Sangat in the Gurudwara wasn't bothered and his supporters didn't have any 'preparation'. The protest was peaceful except for a small skirmish at the end, and there were alot of Singhs inside the Gurudwara as well to deal with Darshan if he got that far.

Any event he plans to hold needs maximum exposure so that people know about them, and they can be stopped.

Most of the people posting in this thread aren't even in the UK, and if you weren't there, don't spread stories you aren't sure about.

Matheen take it easy...

Darshan's website is blaming sikhsangat forum


Khalsa ji, they can blame whoever they want. It does not make it true. Darshan Laal is a fool and his supportors need to realize they are following a fool.

And what did the Singh do wrong. They followed an edict by Sri Akal Takht Sahib and not letting a excommunicated person speak in a Gurdwara. A person that insulted Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji and Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji. These moorakhs will lie to and cheat the sangat anyway they can and Singhs stood up against these moorakhs. The Khalsa Panth has awakened.

Do they actually think even one Singh is fearing them with there news repports. I can write aswell laugh.gif

I don't even live in UK. Hint for you Darshan followerslaugh.gif Take out your false news reports and spread your lies.laugh.gif

The Khalsa Panth has awakened.biggrin.gif

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Yes, indeed khalsa panth has awakened.The incident of London has brought a big awareness among sikhs.Already there were a few meetings by concerned community leaders in US on the subject and particularly how this mad bull should not be allowed to disturb peace among sikh community here.

The success of London has sent strong message to handful of his supporters.

darshan lal is a good actor also.Someone told me in private he is never with kirpan.When he poses for photo or interview he does not forget to show his 3 ft kirpan.He is coached well by his masters in propaganda war.

In today's ajit jalandhar there is a news and photo of sangat outsode Gurudwara.You can click in left side column on General Khabran


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Guest Bloom


In My Opinion,

Get The DasamGranth Sahib Ji Aashikhs and Intellectuals Ready To Defeat Darshan Lal In Debate On Air! Darshan Lal Will Try To Run and Run, Hide and Hide, and Use His Drama and Acting Skills of Lies, Propaganda and Acting To Do Everything He Can To Not Debate As He Did Before. This Time Chase Him Everywhere, And Make Sure He Gets To The Venue! Get Panthic.Org, Authentic Sri DasamGranth Sahib Ji Scholars and Aashikhs To Defeat This Rabid Propagandist Darshan Lal In Public Once and For All. Sarna And His Entire Team Including Darshan Lal Must Be Imprisoned For Life!

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