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kids r all fun and games til theyre ur responsibility..........lol and after a while they get boring tongue.gif

Boring? No...tiring? Well, maybe :s

Once we were at Gurudwara, and after the morning simran, it goes really quiet. Then my younger son ask really loud: Is it time for parshad?? blink.gifblush.gif

ur kids r so cute :D

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If I have a kid I would carve it into a warrior. Muahahahaha. Even though kids look so innocent and cute when they're young, nearly all of them would end up becoming terrible sinners. Most of these cute kids have been incarnated from hell. haha Imagine playing around with a child and in their past life they were a rapist, sinner, murderer. Doesn’t sound very nice, does it? Theres no point playing around with them – we need to educate them and make them into solid naam abhiyaasis. Hahahaha You should know by now that kids are attention seekers. tongue.gif

ps, Im only joking. But tbh I dont find kids fascinating.

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lol these are all very funny storys

i remember one time i was helping out a mate and he was working at a market next door there was a black kid and his mum, i kept messing about picking him playing football with paper (punjabi man ... tooo cheap to buy a football). and his mum said could we look after him as she had to do somethink we said yeh... being us she must have been mad :s anyways im messing about and turned rtound to help a customer and after that i see this kid with a blue jacket and i went and picked him up (his back to me ) im chucking him in the air and catching him and all of a sudden i look at his face and hes WHITE ... <admin-profanity filter activated> i put him down and walked off but was so funny i looked like i was gonna kidnap him... teriost man.. MAN IN TURBAN SHOT AFTER FOILED KIDNPPING ATTEMPT ... Newslines ... can you see it LOL.

Sharm da kata

have you ever noticed kids when their young and they do matha at the gurdwara??? Tooo inosent and theyll grow up and be papi like me

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I just love little kids

as all of u guys knoe whos

Harbans Singh Ji Jogadhari wale

well his son comes to lankershim gurudwara and he has a little daughter about 4 years old who speaks really cute english

once one day we did kirtan on stage and she sat with us I had to stand up and sit in the front of the mic because I had to do anand sahib she gets up and evey body in the divaan is quiet and shes like pick me up!! every body is smiling and looking at me

my face is red so I just sit there and start doing kirtan

her parents call both of us super glue now because she doesn't let go of me when we meet

:s :D :D

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have you ever noticed kids when their young and they do matha at the gurdwara???
Yeah! They do matha tek and look to the side LOL.gifLOL.gif . My friend's bhatija would go upto Maharaj's saroop and do a matha tek each time someone else went to do the same. Its like he would think he was supposed to do it every time someone else did it as well LOL.gifLOL.gif .
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hehe i love lil kids!!! ... we usually have weekly sessions down here, usually on saturdays and theres this 5 yr old girl who ALWAYSssssss steals the chanaiy away from me! ah!!! wacko.gif and i mean ALWAYSSSs..she just comes and pokes me and puts her hands out..i sigh and hand them over *sniff sniff* so this one time i didnt feel like giving them up soi see her coming towards me so i like close my eyes extra hard and pretend i dont feel the poking...but she doesnt go away!! and im like doing simran twice as hard hopin the pokin would stop..

but no. poke poke poke!!! so i sigh once again and hand them over... sigh :s

but other than that..shes adorable! hehe

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1)My 3 year old niece was asking me if my kirpaan was my knife. And im like noo its my kirpaan

then shes like "eh toy ah?"

im like no

then i ask her do u wanna wear one when your older

shes like nooooooooo

shes a very stylish snobby toddler lol

2)I was doing paat and she walked into my room and she wanted me to watch a movie with her

so i said ill come after im done doing my paat

then shes like "Thora jeha paat karkay ajhoo!!"

3)Whenever i am comb my hair she loves loking at my hair and saying " Pooa dey baal kinay sonay!"

The days she really likes me shell kiss my dastar!

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