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Prof Dhunda - Need A Few Videos - Plz Help

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I think the main reason this guy has been flourishing is because some other moorakhs like myself go and listen to his stuff and never question him. Some Singhs/Kaurs who are scholars in Gurbani (from both Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee and Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Jee), Bhai Gurdas jee's vaaraan, Bhai Nand Lal jee's ghazals and Puratan Panth parmaanat Rehitnaamey should call this guy to debate, in public, telecast it live, plus record it as well.

Fer pata laggu kinne ku paani ch hega.

I'm sure there are Gursikhs that the Akal Takhat can recommend. Hopefully a debate that won't result in a punch up.

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GPS ji

"I am now 100% convinced that sri Jaap sahib is rachna of sri Guru Gobind Singh ji."

This comment by me was wrong. I have always believed sri Jaap sahib to be rachna of sri Guru Gobind Singh ji. However after doing research and looking at historical documents such as bhai Nand Lal ji's bani, my faith in this bani has increased.

Jonny101 ji

The original thread was longer and posts have been deleted. Thats why one of my responses doesn't make sense because somebody actually questioned the dohra so I had to defend the dohra also.

Regardless, I am no scholar and was able to get relevant material to support Dasam banis, such as rehitname and bhai Nand Lal ji's bani, using sites such as serachgurbani.com. The internet has provided an easy way to access important documents.

We should translate works of scholars such as bhai Harbans Singh ji into English. This would be a great way to do counter parchar of ant-dasam group. Also it is important to get a wide variety of sources which is easy since top scholars such as prof. Sahib Singh and bhai Ditt Singh as well as samprada/jatha/taksal mahapurakhs all believe and recited sri Dasam bani.

Also it is important to use sources from non-afilliated(jatha/taksal/samprada) Gurmukhs because ant-dasam group dismiss anything from Taksal, AKJ etc.

It is imnportant that Taksal, Akj, Samprdaia unite on this issue. It is vital that we counter anti-dasam parchar without resorting to name-calling but by providing solid arguments.

Rabb Rakhe

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These missionaries are taught in missionary schools not to respect bani of Dasam Granth.

So these people are not going to listen to any reasoning whatever you provide to them,

SPN is a hard core anti dasam granth site.

There is one solution for them. since they have disowned Guru Gobind singh's bani they do not

qualify to be called sikhs. They have disowned Guru Gobind singh and khalsa panth.As they are not

forming a separate sect on their own they should be excommunicated from panth. Their list contain

Giani Jagtar jachak, sukhwinder sabhra, Gurbachan thailand, sukhwinder dadehar etc. These missionary

colleges who teach hatred against Dasam bani should be derecognised by akal takhat.

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heres a photo of him with movie star actress darshan lalli

Look at that picture. Darshan Lal is a living contradiction. On one hand he and his Kala Afghani gang does parchar against Naam Simran, but at the same time he is wearing a Mala. As we all know a Mala is used for Naam Simran. Why is he wearing a Mala when he doesn`t even beleive in the concept of doing jaap of the Gurmantar? the answer is obvious. He wants to fool the general Sikh masses showing them that he is such a big Bhagti karn wala with that Mala. How is this hypocrite any different from the Radhasoami Guru who keeps a Dastar and full beard yet does not beleive in the concept of Dastar and keeping Kesh. People like Darshan Lal are really shameless.

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