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Prof Dhunda - Need A Few Videos - Plz Help

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Vjkk Vjkf

Need a few videos of prof dhunda, ones where he talks anti jot, narial, toof, dasam, vaheguru simran, anti sants, anti ithas, anti bhagats, anti everything

I have the jaap sahib one,

Am looking for the one where he says baba deep singhs head didnt come off, and bhai taru singh jis hair didnt turn to metal, and ** main one is when him, dilgeer and thailand wala gurbachan are sitting together and cussing simran''

Could the sangat please post these videos up or pm me with the links etc.

Thank You - we all need to be weary of such parcharaks and put up there bakwaas to let the other sangat know.

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bhai khalistan-zindabaad jeeo

Unfortunately it seems many are impressed with sarbjit singh's katha and have no problem with his anti-jaap sahib video. Many sangat may adopt his views on sri Dasam bani which is not good.

Therefore if we are going to counter his parchar its important we produce a professional article. We should use Gurbani quotes to show the importance of simran. We should use quotes from Jaap sahib and other Dasam bani to prove that it is in accordance with Gurbani.......................etc

Both sides tend to get heated in this debate and use language such as naastik, traitor, idol-worshipper and whatnot. This name-calling will get us nowhere and is not constructive.

It will be easy to counter sarbjit singh's parchar by just using quotes from Gurbani and historical documents such as rehitname, bhai Nand Lal ji's bani etc

I did respond to one e-mail on sikhphilosophy - http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/hard-talk/36858-professor-sarbjit-singh-dhunda.html

Its dissapointing that so many individuals on this site so easily dismiss sri Jaap sahib, in the end they had to close the thread. This forum is anti-Dasam bani in general. I actually learned quite a lot when I responded because I had to do some research myself. I am now 100% convinced that sri Jaap sahib is rachna of sri Guru Gobind Singh ji.

I've noticed that they have deleted some of my posts because this thread was 4-5 pages long. They have also posted another video of sarbjit singh right at the end of the thread! The admin obviously are biased towards Srabjit Singh. Anyway, I tried.

Panth Nuu Chardi Kala ate Ekta Baksho Satguru ji

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Vjkk Vjkf Need a few videos of prof dhunda, ones where he talks anti jot, narial, toof, dasam, vaheguru simran, anti sants, anti ithas, anti bhagats, anti everything.

Here a vid where he's anti-Kamlesh Ahir...which I think is a good thing.

Ok.. how about this one...presented by Tiger Jatha UK...Grrr...

[shiny red shirt?...someone call the fashion police]

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In my view the best way to counter them is using their own words against them. What I mean by that is, on one hand they say that they are followers of Singh Sabha movement and follow the words of it's writers. So concerned Gursikhs should make youtube videos or write articles in which on one hand they show what Dhunda is saying then show what Singh Sabha writers like Prof Sahib Singh, Prof Gurmukh Singh, Giani Ditt Singh say on the same subject because Prof Sahib Singh, Prof Gurmukh Singh, Giani Ditt Singh believed in Dasam Granth, they believed in Naam and many of the Sikh traditions that these heretic-Kala Afghanis are discarding.

One may have noticed how these Kala Afghanis like to use the name of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwalay in their videos and writings. Sant Jee would also be a good point of reference since we know that Sant jee and these Kala Afghanis are worlds apart in regards to Sikhi.

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Good points Jonny101 ji

I used Gurmukhs like bhai Vir Singh ji and prof. Sahib Singh ji as well as the SRM (SGPC Rehit Maryada).

All Gurmukhs from the singh sabha era as well as sampdaia/taksal believed and recited sri Dasam Bani. SRM clearly states that sri Jaap sahib and sri Choupai sahib are mandatory banis for amrit sanchar.

It is better to use Gurmukhs that are not directly affiliated with any jatha/samprada, above post has given good examples, as the anti-Dasam group tend to be anti-taksal,akj etc. They claim to 'follow' panthic maryada (SRM) which is hypocritical as SRM approves of Dasam banis.

Recently more and more people are dismissing sri Dasam bani which is a huge mistake. It is important that we counter the anti-dasam group that we use Gurbani, Gurmat literature, Prominent Gurmukhs, Sikh History etc as a basis. Name-calling from both sides is wrong.

Sri Dasam Granth should be debated on a panthic level by the top scholars from both sides to settle this issue once and for all, likewise Ragmala. Discussing these subjects on forums might create confusion for newcomers to Sikhi which would be unfortunate.

Regardless as SRM accepts banis from sri Dasam bani, no-one has authority to remove these banis from nitnem, sri Rehras sahib or amrit sanchar. Dasam banis have been recited for 100's of years and this tradition will remain in majority of the panth.

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