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Dhunda Dhunda Dollar Note Kamavay !

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Found this on Sikhsangat's FB page


As much I hate anti dasam granth heretics and their parchar. I would hate to see these pictures as norm as only thing it does its give other party win more credibility over this whole issue. Once an w

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jokes ppl dont get your nalas in a bunch...2nd photo is maha no body kawaldeep kanwal who blames/insults akal takht sahib for various reasons...he will be exposed on sikhsangat soon

kanwal maha dusht

In the top photo is satnam paonta of dal khalsa feeding Darsho ragi after he was excommunicated.This is the character of

of so called dal khalsa.

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since a lot of ppl see right here and my fb is in high chance if being reported any minute for the albums, i will put photos here to so ppl can see lol.....many undercover nindaks like ''satnam anand '' man in red pagg projected as darshans budha son...he is maha nindak who distorted jaap sahib bani i posted another forum on missionaries worse than rss he is kultar in there posting his dirty thoughts in form of writing style of guru gobind singh ji...dirty man......and GPS yes dal khalsa has bween exposed also but the man i was talkign about was man on photo with akal takht and cant get a job he is new charector you will see soon, he says he will take akal takht to courts and has a dirty website with own nitnem and maradya and he is luring ppl for a dirty cause along side dilgeer.....his name is kawaldeep kawal from paitala search him fb he has fan page and then his own page

yes im making these lol if anyone has idea, great phto contact me...im taking badla for all the pain these ppl caused, me others onlne with dirty prachar through agents like in photos and all the gandh they are spreading

fb to page to view more, i have one on there thats not going to be permitted on sikh sangat so ill put up link lol https://www.facebook...47512434&type=1


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    • Parent 1. Obviously it depends on the content and the aim of the school. It would be good to have all aspects of Sikhi in one place which has authenticity. No too much pressure for them to learn and churn out material to sit exams. It would be more of quality rather than quantity . 2. Support level , to get a clear understanding what will be taught and the kids and parents expectations right from the beginning. 3. Yes Cost does matter. We have 100's of Gurudawara who should have a budget set aside to invest in the kids and our future generation. So ideas such as this can be researched and developed without thinking about funding. If the cost was reasonable I would pay plus as already mentioned if free its not taken seriously. 4. Self paced is good , but there needs to be a facility where questions can be answered. May be have one or 2 live sessions and the rest self paced.   Sangat 1. Yes there should be tiers , but I think most importantly the material should be authentic. As theres a lot of online material , which ones are good resources , average and bad . 2. May be set up some kind of certification structure for sikhi which over time is recognized and can be used by individuals to train/educate other members of the public. Like many certification courses , they cost but not too much ( starting form £10 plus) The task should be to get as many people doing the online courses as possible, then the price can be low and you will cover your costs. 3.It should be focused to all the public regardless of their background. Made available to businesses ,schools, colleges, universities as part of the establishments diversification program. You have organisations such as Basics of Sikhi , Rajoana TV , Sikh Network etc.. who are doing a brillant job of explaining about sikhi. Tap in to them , make it a collective journey as you may find , they may already have a structure , resources in place , they just need a proper online presence. Reach out to the Sangat who have gyan about Sikhi  via social media and Gurudawara , as there are many Scholars out their. Why is Basics of Sikhi successful , because they keep it simple , easy to understand and follow.  As a parent one of the biggest hurdles for kids is speaking punjabi. Having dialogue with their parents/grandparents . My younger one , hardly speaks punjabi , but what I have found is sikh stories helps a lot. May be have online live sessions where sangat speak punjabi , general punjabi so at least they can particpate in conversations with the elder generation.  
    • wjkk wjkf ji you are a daughter of Sri Guru Gobind singh ji. you are on a right track and doing good job please don't use the word Pappi for yourself! chardi kla!
    • Mediterranean or Greek Food - Veggie Gyros, Gemista, any food or snack with Hummus Italian - Pasta (non-egg), Italian authentic Thin crust pizza with olive oil and less cheese Mexican - Burritos South Indian - Iddli/Sambar. Dosa with their cocunut chutney  
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