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Why Does Waheguru Keep Testing Me?

Guest Raj k

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Why Does Waheguru Keep Testing Me?

The question of Wahiguru testing us, sorry to say it, but,  is baseless.

For testing or evaluation is done to someone, by someone, who does not know your reach.

And of course, that is neither the case of Waheguru, nor of us.

We are already failed, this He knows it already, thus He needs not testing us. 

So, the only thing which our beloved Waheguru Akal Wurukh  does, is, to shower us with His blessings, with His forgiveness, in order to pass our own test in this mayavee bhavsagar, with the only aid of His Sat Bachan through Gurbani.

Thus it is totally our responsibility, to take benefit of it through Sikhee and get passed, or, be a manmukh and keep wandering in the wheel of 84 and remain failed.

How silly, the fault is within us, the embodiment of faults, and yet we shamelessly blame the faultless One

Let us for once stop blaming  Him, the Highest, the Most Immaculate, the Infinite Ocean of mercy. 

Stay blessed.

Sat Sree Akal.


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Guest Fight until you win
On 7/3/2016 at 4:13 PM, harsharan000 said:

Taranjit jee,

First of all you are not in the hell, do not be so negative.

It is a pity, you are going through a difficut phase of your life, but, that is not because of Wahiguru. It is only because of your own past karmas, for which you have to settle accounts.

To some you have to give, from some you have to receive. This earth is known aslo as karam bhoomee, where whatever seed you sow, that harvest you get.

Suppose you sow chillies, you can not expect to reap apples. Can you? Then where does Wahiguru come in here this scene? One is free to plant the seeds one wants, but then according to laws of Nature, that is what you get only. How can we shamelessly ever blame Wahiguru? He did not force us to plant the chilly seeds. Then if we planted X seeds, it is just normal to get X harvest, isn´t it?

You see, Wahiguru never forces anything on anybody. He gives us full freedom, so if we misuse that freedom, than naturally we have to pay for it.

If you did phere around Guru Jee, and your husband left you, that is him being unfaithful by not fulfilling the vow one takes before Guru Jee at that time.

Once again, how can you blame Guru Jee for it? Don´t you think you are being unfair to Him?

You see, we people have up our owm minds of how Wahiguru is or should be, under the influence of agyanta and maanmat.

We read the Bani like parrots, thus we do not mould our lives according to Gurmat, then too, we foolislhy keep our demands before Wahiguru, and expect Him to be like a Superman hero for us, to come in our times of need... What a shame....

We do not do His bhakti as we should, then too, instead of trying to stay in accordance as per laws of natue and endure our own created destiny by us, we cry and wail, why why why me ?

Remember, our relation with Wahiguru is only on a spiritual basis, rest is all karam. Having said that, He is so merciful and loves you so much, that inspite of your karmas, sanskaras, sins, maanmat, etc... He has blessed you with human birth, (which even devis devtays can not get just like that), so that you may remove your haume, and do His Bhakti as per Gurmat, and cut all your chains from this mayavee creation, make yourself free totally, and place yourself at His Lotus Feet, and in this lies the welfare of all jeevas.

So taranjit jee, instead to cry and complain, be grateful to Him at each step in your life, with each breath, do His Bhakti as per Gurmat, then see how the changes are taking in you, for your betterment, as then you open your heart for His unlimited Daya Meher...

God bless you.

Sat Sree Akal.

Yes. We dictate our lives, we choose what we want to do and we do it. If we think that others can choose for us then we're wrong. 

I have lived in places full of people with dark souls (my Karam) and I decided to get up and leave. 

I also allowed other people to take my job from me instead of fighting hard for it and accepting that I dictate my own life. 

Instead I blamed everyone else. This isn't the way. We should do naam, practice truth (positivity), get up and seize your life and live it how you want to live it. Choose your life, choose the people who you surround yourself with, work hard, be a good soul and Be Free. Fight until you win. 

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look at shaheeds of the past- they were tortured to death.  bibian had their chidlren hacked to death then their flesh put around their necks.  and you are crying about mundane <banned word filter activated> like your husband left you?  seriously?

the reason you suffer is because your attitude is <banned word filter activated>.

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Guest Nirbhau Nirvair

I don’t know if this thread is still active. But I still would like to share who knows there are people who really need to read this.


I am a medical student who was doing well in my studies initially however at a point in my life (during my second year of training) I wasn’t able to perform up to the required standards. I kept failing the same lessons over n over. This was all during the lockdown period (2020) due to corona virus pandemic. 

I was depressed my college has closed down due to the lockdown imposed. I was studying abroad from family. I spent 4 months in lockdown all alone. I had no friends or batchmates with me. As they all have excelled and completed their practicals earlier than me and went back to their respective homes. I was the only one batchmate suffering in a foreign country. 

I needed support so I turned towards Guruji. Daily I would wake up during amritvela, shower and  then do 5 nitnem banis followed by ardaas. I used to only listen to kathas and kirtans. I used to do rehraas, kirtan sohila and at night time before bed I used to listen to waheguru jaap and simran on youtube. 



At first it was tough to believe that Waheguru will help us but as I came along I had faith in Waheguru. that if He has brought me this far he would also push me further to finish my course. 

I kept doing simran day and night. Soon lockdown got lifted. And I completed all my practicals without hassle.

My lecturers  were very proud of me. They think it was my determination and grit that made me come this far but little did they know it was all Wahegurujis effort. 


And today as i’m writing this, i’m proud to say that i am a trainee doctor who is at my final year.


I shared this so that others who are in my shoes right now would find this thread helpful. Trust me it was not me it was Waheguruji who changed me and pushed me this far. You been put into this test for a reason, We just have to believe waheguruji. Do ardaas whole heartedly and all your wishes will come true! 

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Guru sahib gives test to those that he has his nadar on. If guru sahib does not give you test, you wouldn't know if guru sahib is still taking care of you or not. Each test has got something you have to learn from. Guru sahib gives us test to makes us better. No one is perfect and we all do fail. 

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