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The Truth About Bhai Jaspal Singh Ji's Shaheedi Day And The Reality Of These Events. Why Are Only Sikhs Killed? Maintain Ekta: Sant Dhadrianwale

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2nd April 2012

After attending the funeral of Shaheed Bhai Jaspal Singh Ji in Gurdaspur on 31st March 2012 to support the family and demand justice from the Government on their behalf, Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale have questioned, within thousands of people, why are only Sikhs killed in India?

They explained how Shaheed Bhai Jaspal Singh Ji was killed by the State Police, without reason, during completely peaceful demonstrations to support Jinda Shaheed Bhai Balwant Singh Ji Rajoana and protest against anti-Sikh slogans that were being raised by extremist right-wing groups. The shootings were totally unprovoked.

Sant Dhadrianwale also spoke about the 1984 Delhi Massacre, involvement of Sajjan Kumar and the latest 'CBI report' about that dark episode in Sikh history. Sant Dhadrianwale questioned if anyone can source even one photograph where a group of Sikhs assemble around a single person of another community (like the Hindus) to cause them harm, whereas numerous photographs can be obtained of other communities grouping around a single Sikh.

They enlightened the Sangat about the reality of what is happening and explained the importance of Ekta within the Khalsa Panth. Ekta can bring Singh's back from the gallows and the recent events regarding Bhai Rajoana are a prime example, however, it was stated that Sikhs must now continue to be united to ensure Bhai Rajoana's death sentence is withdrawn and he is released from jail, along with other Sikh prisoners who should not be facing the gallows or even be in jail.

Sant Dhadrianwale will continue to speak about such facts in every upcoming Diwaan across India, to ensure Sikhs of India have awareness of these recent and historic happenings.

- ENDS -

Also watch - SANT BABA RANJIT SINGH DHADRIANWALE at the funeral of SHAHEED BHAI JASPAL SINGH JI in Gurdaspur, supporting the family and demanding justice from the Government (Antim Sanskar 31/03/12):

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The role of Sant Ranjit Singh is to be greatly applauded. He has been instrumental in the campaign playing a very positive leadership role. The Government dare arrest him as they know he has the most following amongst all the Sikh sants and leaders.

Let him play what role he can and appreciate that.

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