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40 Sikhs Convert To Christianity In Tarn Taran District

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Like it or not, we certainly do have a caste problem. Although everyone does it to some extent but Jats seem to do it the most. I can see a non Amritdhari practicing caste discrimination, but I can never understand how and why Amritdharis practice caste based discrimination. This is the worst type of practice equal in my opinion to the 4 krahits. Maharaj Sumath Bakshan Sikh Kaum noon because the Sikh kaum is doing so many things against Gurmat.

bro I heard that around the Khalsa Raaj period, the caste system was virtually eroded, but after the British took over, the reintroduced the system as a method of divide and rule, which remains until today. How much of this is true?

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Under Indian rule since 1947 the promotion of caste has accelerated as Brahmin ideas take a grip on the Sikhs. Discrimination not only on caste but against women has also increased as fake babas, Sants, Dera and cults have mushroomed in the Punjab.

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