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Disgustin, Panjab Hits A New Low


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hey guys, u may have seen sangat tv's youth show 2nite, live from southall (i think), the program was about a new horrifyin story, of a 10yr old sikh girl, Virpal kaur, from Moga, Panjab, who was disgustingly murdered by ppl in her village. The family, who believed she was possessed by a evil spirit/bhooth, after listenin 2 sum dumb dirty hindu black magic tantric scumbag, was beaten 2 death, by her auntie i believe. Apparantly theres some spot in the village where ppl go 2, 2 do some sort of act 2 rid themselves of watever the perceived problem is.

When r ppl gona wake up? theres being illiterate and lackin knowledge, n then..... there is this, dispicable acts, the panth, has lost ANOTHER sister/daughter over pure BS. Im normally immune 2 these sorts of stories and videos of beheadings/jhatka/blood etc, but after havin seen this video, i feel incredibly weak and sad, very pankaj udaas over this. Yes ppl may say this has been happenin, n its nuthin new, but wen u c it in polaroid/film, its heartbreakin, Ive seen this behaviour from nigerian christians, on channel 4, but sikhs of panjab, sad sad. Gurbani is the only mantar that can tackle any crap black magic or watever problems u have, so if these ppl had parchar in the village, this crap wudnt have popped up. These no doubt govt planted agents make up stories of black magic possession, and randomly pick victims, especially poor ppl, have no shame.

me im speechless, the presenter of 2nite show kam singh, was very moved and almost swore on live tv. Saday Panjab nu, patha ni kado jagrati ohni aa!!

viewers discretion i might add:


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Moga, August 23

A woman sarpanch, also a faith healer, allegedly killed her teenaged niece to “free her from demons” at Bhinder Kalan village in Moga district last evening.

The police has registered a murder case against Pal Kaur, her husband Darbara Singh and two others.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Surjit Singh Grewal said the girl’s family tried to put pressure on the police by enlisting the support of local leaders.

“But an eyewitness, a local resident, came forward to have his statement recorded on the basis of which a case was registered,” he said.

The SSP said Veerpal Kaur (12) of Manawan village was brought to Bhinder Kalan village to offer prayers to “gugga peer”. Believed to be suffering from a mental illness, she was running fever. Instead of giving her medical treatment, her parents decided to take the services of Pal Kaur.

They believed that their daughter was possessed by an evil spirit. The faith healer allegedly tortured the girl for hours, pulling at her hair and thrashing her even as she cried for help. Even though the girl fell unconscious, the faith healer kept hitting her. The hapless girl died on the spot.


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