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Is there GOD?

Guest Human

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When asked about God at Orange County, California, sympathetically he replied, “You can’t say its reality. You certainly can’t say it’s a fiction because something exists. That something needs to be experimented. Nothing can be said about God. You can study about God but nothing has been known because all you know is from the outside, what we would call external. Until you enter from within, the internal can’t be known. By studying about God, you will miss the whole concept and the consequence to that is that you are left with knowledge only. To know is to enter the kingdom, to become one with eternity. Knowledge is from the outside and has nothing what so ever to do with God. Because God is happening.”
“Nothing is hidden from God because God is the inside of everything. The inside knows all. You can hide something from others, but you can’t hide it from yourself. And it is there that God is hidden.”

He went on to say “Why have we invented so many names for God? There must be a certain reason, because God cannot be named, a name can easily be changed, but God remains the same. So why has God been addressed? Because there are moments when you would like to scream out your inner feelings to God in sheer joy. Some name is needed. Muslim Sufis invented ninety-nine names of God that are so beautiful, but why not a hundred? Ninety-nine looks a bit incomplete. There is a certain reason the hundredth name is kept silent and that is the true name of God, which of course can’t be uttered. That is why Guru Nanak said ‘Satnam’. Your name is thee truth. But in reality you can’t utter it because it will lose its’ beauty. It remains un-uttered at the deepest core of the heart. What is God’s true name? Nobody knows that all the names are man’s creation. The true name of God is the existence that surrounds you.”
How can one call Him by all His names? The wise give him names according to His manifestations – Jap Sahib, Guru Gobind Singh Ji He goes on saying. “those kind (the irreligious) of people haven’t known anything of spiritual experience. They’ve never felt any presence of God. The only way to receive God is to drop all your searching and seeking. The real question is recognition, not search, and the only way to know God is to live God.”

Sant Mani Singh UK


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Although your attempt to use physics is wrong, I still agree with "Something cannot come out of nothing, so there must be a creator".

The current hypothesis in quantum cosmology is that before the big bang there were two 4 dimensional universes that collided resulting in a 4 dimensional universe expanding in a 5th dimensional plane. This was the big bang.

As for all of the energy not being accounted for, you are referring to dark matter and it is most likely going to be discovered that they are actually super-symmetrical particles such as super bosons and super fermions.

As for force surrounding the universe, there is no such thing. Everything is accelerating away from a centre point of the universe including light. Nothing can break the speed of light according to physics...like ever. So therefore if we sent any radiation out into space hoping it would bounce against anything and come back its impossible for it to go to the edge of the universe and come back. Because the universe is expanding just as fast. We know generally what the universe looks like from inside b/c of cosmological background radiation.

And to add some more read up on M-theory. It basically says the basic constituents of matter are strings that vibrate and the resonance of these strings are carried across all eleven dimensions resulting in the resonance being expressed as particles.

In short read up bro because physics is going to some insane places right now, and as soon as the LHC in CERN is up to 7000 GeV the collider is going to be capable of producing particles the we need to prove string theory!


and to the OP, there is a god.

Good One Gandolf!! :D

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Guest tellmewhatineed2hear

_Human_... This is a question that I have pondered myself, being a young Sikh. There have been times where I have thought to myself, whether this whole religion thing is a conspiracy. After much thought and exploration, I have come to the conclusion that God does exist.

Before I begin, there is something that needs to be clarified. I believe in God, but I cannot prove he exists to you. That is because when someone has a steadfast belief that something is not true, they will deny its very existence even if it appears directly in front of them. Sometimes, you aren't meant to know something and nothing can change that. Whether you choose to believe in God or not is completely up to you.

However, as to your point of 'not seeing' God. How about this: do you know where butter comes from? It comes from milk.

If you ever examine a glass of milk, you will notice that there is no indication whatsoever that butter comes from it. You can't see the butter, you can't feel it as far as you know, it does not exist at all, correct? This is the stage you are at. According to you, God doesn't exist. There is no butter in milk.

Notwithstanding, we both know that butter does in fact come from milk. So, how does one get to this butter? Well, it requires lots of hard work, to churn the milk and over a good period of time, butter emerges from the seemingly butter-less milk. The case is the same with us humans. To see god, and to achieve the stage where God is within us, we must put in a lot of effort, we must put our love and faith within God and over time, he will reveal himself. Mind you, he doesn't just jump out and reach out to everyone. Only those with a true heart who are searching for the truth and nothing else shall find God.

The path to God is a journey, God isn't at the beginning of it, rather he is the goal. We must strive to attain him.

So, with an open and true heart, reach out to God (it is important to let go of your ego and TRULY open your heart, leave no bias either way, as far as you know there should be an even 50/50 chance that God exists). I was once at your stage and I asked: "God, I have no idea whether you exist or not, it seems some are crazy about you and some absolutely deny your existence. If you exist, help me and guide me, show me that you exist and put me on the right path." Sure enough, my life changed from there.

It is your own journey, no one can give the answer. You will have to find out for yourself if God exists for YOU.

One more thing. Traditional views of God have really hindered modern understanding and belief of God. This is probably why people have such a hard time believing that God exists. God is not necessarily a giant man, or a person or even a being. Sikhism never states this. God is simply the universal balance, or even more simply, God is energy.

As such, you make your own mind up. Those who seek shall definitely find! Good Luck.

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