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Is there GOD?

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I do not need to prove god does not exist, what you see is what you get.

Is god a creation of man, to fulfil its need to take claim to this planet?

Then I could justify the stories told by J. R. R. Tolkien are an absolute fact.

Explain "What you see is what you get." Do you mean to say that since we cannot see God, He doesn't exist? That is hardly proof. I would say you are coming to a conclusion from lack of proof.

Absence of proof is not proof of absence (argumentum ad ignorantiam).

What is stopping man from taking over the planet? There is no divine intervention needed in this regard.

Tolkien was a firm catholic, was he not?

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Science has explained GOD its called Quantum Physics.

In Quantum Physics, there is only potentiality, infinite overlapping waves of potential possibilities, which are directed by and selected by Consciousness, both personal and collective, to a single outcome, resulting in our macroscopic world. I like to say, 'Paints the Universe into existence.'
So Sikhism suggest to direct ones consciousness only and repeatdly to NAAM SIMRAM to see the world for what it is an illusion, and to experience your self as what you are GOD having a human experience. You paint your universe according to your belief. Whatever you give your repeat focus on becomes your reality. Now in this physical world there is a function of time so it takes a while but in the world past your death manifestations are instant since time does not exist. It becomes clear quickly.

Its all theory based science, which can not be proved. Hence, why its sometimes called quantum theory.

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In spiritual world

Believing is seeing

Not like Human world in which

Seeing is believing

So far you belief has gotten you as far as you have. I rest my faith and Belief in Guru's word and of course which is also Quantum Physics.

Good luck in your search for whatever it is.

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This scenario perfectly fits to some stories from some of Mahapurush life..........and i've even heard it from one of kaatha of giayni thakur singh ji......

i dont remember it exactly...........

it goes like ...one person asked mahapursh ....that there is no god or show me god............

Mahapursh smiled and said that......ok i want to have a Masters degree in english give me (as that person had a masters degree in english)........and person replied that how can u have a masters degree.....for that you have to do certian study first .....first u have to take admission in 1st class den go on from there.....

Mahapursh smiled and said ....this is your answer.....1st u have to do some study .......do meditation and u'll c god.

means to achive something you have to go through certain process.....as we human beings are not born complete or perfect....

SAME way to see god you have to go meditate,......... like some brother said 'IKoankar'........you have to earn it .....do kamai and you gonna see him......but u siad its just a word for you....but for a sikh word is guru( if u believe in guru grath sahib ji )

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We can use big bang theory If i asked you what was before big bang u might say nothing, well scientist say there is was only engry and matter exsiting right ??.... but with engry and matter alone you cannot get something of of nothing yeah Then you might ask what was before Waheguru ji how did your god become...... I reply with he was always there never took birth ans will never die, never created anf never be destroyed... Just like it says in jap ji sahib or mool mantr ....Then u might say prove it E=mc2 engry is matter and matter is engry is neither can be cteated nor destroyed then when did it ever become to be when will it ever be destoryed it never will just like oir god... Scienctist sti cannot ecplain the force of enegry surrpund the universe and within it if we cannot understamd this then there is something bigger out there something greater then engry itself some one cannot say is god engry he is a form of engry but one we cannot describe.... Something cannot come out of nothing so there must have being a creater :)

Although your attempt to use physics is wrong, I still agree with "Something cannot come out of nothing, so there must be a creator".

The current hypothesis in quantum cosmology is that before the big bang there were two 4 dimensional universes that collided resulting in a 4 dimensional universe expanding in a 5th dimensional plane. This was the big bang.

As for all of the energy not being accounted for, you are referring to dark matter and it is most likely going to be discovered that they are actually super-symmetrical particles such as super bosons and super fermions.

As for force surrounding the universe, there is no such thing. Everything is accelerating away from a centre point of the universe including light. Nothing can break the speed of light according to physics...like ever. So therefore if we sent any radiation out into space hoping it would bounce against anything and come back its impossible for it to go to the edge of the universe and come back. Because the universe is expanding just as fast. We know generally what the universe looks like from inside b/c of cosmological background radiation.

And to add some more read up on M-theory. It basically says the basic constituents of matter are strings that vibrate and the resonance of these strings are carried across all eleven dimensions resulting in the resonance being expressed as particles.

In short read up bro because physics is going to some insane places right now, and as soon as the LHC in CERN is up to 7000 GeV the collider is going to be capable of producing particles the we need to prove string theory!


and to the OP, there is a god.

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