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बिलावलु ॥
नित उठि कोरी गागरि आनै लीपत जीउ गइओ ॥
Niṯ uṯẖ korī gāgar ānai līpaṯ jī▫o ga▫i▫o.
Every day, he rises early, and brings a fresh clay pot; he passes his life embellishing and glazing it.
ताना बाना कछू न सूझै हरि हरि रसि लपटिओ ॥१॥
Ŧānā bānā kacẖẖū na sūjẖai har har ras lapti▫o. ||1||
He does not think at all of worldly weaving; he is absorbed in the subtle essence of the Lord, Har, Har. ||1||
हमारे कुल कउने रामु कहिओ ॥
Hamāre kul ka▫une rām kahi▫o.
Who in our family has ever chanted the Name of the Lord?
जब की माला लई निपूते तब ते सुखु न भइओ ॥१॥ रहाउ ॥
Jab kī mālā la▫ī nipūṯe ṯab ṯe sukẖ na bẖa▫i▫o. ||1|| rahā▫o.
Ever since this worthless son of mine began chanting with his mala, we have had no peace at all! ||1||Pause||
सुनहु जिठानी सुनहु दिरानी अचरजु एकु भइओ ॥
Sunhu jiṯẖānī sunhu ḏirānī acẖraj ek bẖa▫i▫o.
Listen, O my sisters-in-law, a wondrous thing has happened!
सात सूत इनि मुडींए खोए इहु मुडीआ किउ न मुइओ ॥२॥
Sāṯ sūṯ in mudīʼne kẖo▫e ih mudī▫ā ki▫o na mu▫i▫o. ||2||
This boy has ruined our weaving business. Why didn't he simply die? ||2||
सरब सुखा का एकु हरि सुआमी सो गुरि नामु दइओ ॥
Sarab sukẖā kā ek har su▫āmī so gur nām da▫i▫o.
O mother, the One Lord, the Lord and Master, is the source of all peace. The Guru has blessed me with His Name.
संत प्रहलाद की पैज जिनि राखी हरनाखसु नख बिदरिओ ॥३॥
Sanṯ parahlāḏ kī paij jin rākẖī harnākẖas nakẖ biḏri▫o. ||3||
He preserved the honor of Prahlaad, and destroyed Harnaakhash with his nails. ||3||
घर के देव पितर की छोडी गुर को सबदु लइओ ॥
Gẖar ke ḏev piṯar kī cẖẖodī gur ko sabaḏ la▫i▫o.
I have renounced the gods and ancestors of my house, for the Word of the Guru's Shabad.
कहत कबीरु सगल पाप खंडनु संतह लै उधरिओ ॥४॥४॥
Kahaṯ Kabīr sagal pāp kẖandan sanṯėh lai uḏẖāri▫o. ||4||4||
Says Kabeer, God is the Destroyer of all sins; He is the Saving Grace of His Saints. ||4||4||

Let's just have a look at this shabad by kabeer ji that Only5 ji has posted...

Kabeerji was a weaver and that was their famliy trade.

In this shabad his mother seems to be cursing him, saying that he has wrecked the family business since he started 'har har ' jap with his mala.

A lot of people talk about this shabad for encouraging or discouraging mala ritual where as some have associated this with Kabeerji disobeying and collecting pots, because it says that he brings a new one every day !!

So, what does this shabad really mean to us ???

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Kabeer Sahib is saying prahlad a Sant, why Guru Arjan Sahib didn't not use word sant instead of bhagat. We generally differeniate Sant from Bhagat or Sant word is like a punch line for business.

I don't think the tuk about Prahlaad is saying this !!

We should look at the shabad more closely, it is very deep and a little different to the others by Kabirji.

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Care to explain why you believe that?

That tuk seems to fit in with what Kabirji is saying previously.

The (name) he talks about is the name for almighty, that has been rightfully preserved for Prahlaad who was the son of harnaksh.

Harnaksh had demande that his son worship him as he was a powerful king !!

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A true sant does his own kirat kamaee..ie..works for his own roti (kirat karna).

The word sant in gurbani is used for the humble slave, the gurmukh, the bhagat, the pure being, the mool, brahm gyan, atam gyan......

But the commercial sant rarely even earns his own honest living. Instead they are free loaders off the sangat donations !!

Below is shabad that highlights the importance of earning your own honest dollar and roti..

pana 1245

Gi▫ān vihūṇā gāvai gīṯ.
The one who lacks spiritual wisdom sings religious songs.
Bẖukẖe mulāʼn gẖare masīṯ.
The hungry Mullah turns his home into a mosque.
Makẖtū ho▫e kai kann paṛā▫e.
The lazy unemployed has his ears pierced to look like a Yogi.
Fakar kare hor jāṯ gavā▫e.
Someone else becomes a pan-handler, and loses his social status.
Gur pīr saḏā▫e mangaṇ jā▫e.
One who calls himself a guru or a spiritual teacher, while he goes around begging
Ŧā kai mūl na lagī▫ai pā▫e.
- don't ever touch his feet.
Gẖāl kẖā▫e kicẖẖ hathahu ḏe▫e.
One who works for what he eats, and gives some of what he has
Nānak rāhu pacẖẖāṇėh se▫e. ||1||
- O Nanak, he knows the Path. ||1||
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Hmm @kalyugi that does not work either. Hirda tha ap confuse hoa pea.

Conscious dont know whether its coming or going. Ki koi kare, can't tell the difference between acting the real deal no more.

If this is the case with own family members and friends then what hope is there distinguishing Sants and fakers.

No like this kalyug, lol how ironic thats ur name.

I like Kabir ji. Mangan maran smaan hai mat koi mange bheekh, mangan se marna bhala y

eh Satgur ki seekh.

Wats the point of begging, when those that are there to help dont or won't.

May as well beg from god instead than a person.

God has already made me meet a true Sant, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Maharaj ji, or should i say they brought me to find them. They are always there, omnipresent. With them i feel peaceful.

My grandmother used to tell me stories about Sants used to come to the pind, to peoples khuh houses etc.

But the stories were rare, and seems like there were not many Sants. Nowadays everybody seems to hold that title, so confusing.

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