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Guru Nanak Ji emphasised the importance of Grihasti jeevan and to live as a householder whilst becoming a gurmukh.

He strongly advised that one does not need to break away from the maya world but to just rise above it,.Since we all have to cross the Maya world ocean to get across,-there is no other way !!!

Remember the 3 pillars of a sikh's lfe-

1)Naam japna

2)Kirat karna

3)Vand shaka

These are ALL a MUST

2) Kirat karna-kirat kamayee, doesn't just mean earn an honest living.

It ALSO MEANS to EARN the ROTI you eat.!

Earning your roti is only done by 'labour' of some sort in this world where one is paid a monetary sum.

This is where I want to make MY point and opinion about Babey shabey and so called sant, brahmgyanis..etc..

They rely on their ROTI courtesy of sangat donations ONLY.

They don't ever go out and earn a pound/rupee/dollar like the sangat that feeds them.


I don't mind the very few that are only famous on a local level because they do preach/teach/advise and at the same time they earn their own buck.

But these honest few just stay at a local level and never get mainstream attention because they don't go on rock star style 'world tours' to promote themselves either !!

This is why you never hear about them on a national or international level.

Because they stay within that local sangat whilst they earn and feed themselves.

There are too many Baba sant mants that enjoy their 1st class flights and have a dozen chelas similar to rock star entourages.

They get whisked from the airports to their venues and gigs that end up like sold out gurdwara diwan concerts !!

I'm sorry if I offend anyone, but I have no time for these kinds in my sacred gurmat path.

As we ALL know that they get plenty of cash from sangat donations, when did any one of them make a majority contribution back into society to help people ???

I mean real people, real gareeb and poor underpriveleged citizens ??

That is so true but say that to a chela and all hell will brake loose

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