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3 days in and no media coverage at all all around the world

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  • Sikhs in Uk have been protesting outside 10 Downing street since Friday non stop since Friday
  • Potential death of an innocent man who has been in a hospital for 6 months or so because of mental health issue

And yet no media outlets in Uk or the world are reporting this. Not even a signal mention. I cannot applaud and be proud of the Sangat who are there right now and overnight. It gets me so angry however, that our efforts are falling on deaf ears here.

It goes to show that politicians and media don't care about protests or whatever it doesn't matter to them one bit if it don't interest them. The thing they are interested in is money and power. This is what we have to take away from them to get noticed.

We can stop our voting or funding for these parties then that would be a start, its drastic but it would make them notice. It might just be a slight dent to these politicians but it will make them notice. Let them know that if they don't even at least acknowledge the fact that we have been protesting that we will take some sort of action against them. Stop funding these politicians if we even do now because this is all they care about.

If we can all unite and this is the big thing but if we unite together we can make a bigger difference, if anyone got any ideas of how to tackle this add them on here. We need to it them where it hurts

Phul Chuk Maaf

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Though we have our own media thougt bbc would have civered it. Wheres so called bbc asain network

BBC are anti-Sikh when it comes to our rights and the freedom movement in India. You must've seen the Bhai Rajoana news articles and the 1984 Sikh story documentry. But I'm suprised Nihal hasn't done a show on it.

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If you start violence, the media will decide whether you are a terrorist or a rebel.

Isn't anyone at all enraged with the fact that nobody in the world seems to care? Punjab needs to strike oil and you watch USA run to our aid,

We need to take action and i'm not on about violent action but something that will make the government stand up and take notice. We have to play their game. We know he's innocent, so does Indian government and UK probably does too. But they will not help unless we give or take something which they need, and that is votes and money.

Forget about Nihal or BBC Asian network, there part of the system, they wont hand out any sympathy for us. There in it to create controversy because that attracts viewers.

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Now with the Boston attack it's unlikely we'll get a lot of media coverage anyway...it pisses me off because it's like the world only cares about loss of life when it's about white people. I know in my country, when the Winconsin shooting happened it was shown once on each news channel at one time and never mentioned again...when all the other tragedies happen where the majority of the victims were white people it was all over the news for days on end. Same goes for the white people on my facebook. When the winconsin shooting happened the only people posting about it was sikhs and muslims, "brown" people per say. Not a single white person. Now my newsfeed is flooded with messages of sympathy and sadness expressed at the boston attacks. It's not that I'm not devastated about it, I am. It was tragic event, loss of innocent life always is but it's like certain lives are valued by the western world more than others...and that value is seemingly based on skin colour and background...the Winconsin shooting happened on American soil too so it has nothing to do with countries...all to do with ethnicity.

And I'm sick of people labelling people like Rajoana and Hawara Ji terrorists...and even Bhullar even though he's innocent and has done nothing. Terrorist are those individuals who kill innocent people out of malice. The Singhs from the 1984-1995 period were NOT terrorists by any definition...especially not Rajoana...yes the bomb killed innocent people and they expressed regret over that...but they did not go out of their way to kill innocent civilians...they did not want to hurt innocent people...there was no malice, that was never their intention....they just wanted to bring tyrants to justice and since the system, police and judiciary were all against us they had no other option but to choose the ways they did. Yet people will call these people terrorists and the police like KPS gill heros when really they were the ones that went out of their way to kill innocent people...and that was actually their goal. Hypocrisy, just ridiculous. This whole world is a joke.

Its like you stole the words out of my mouth. I wrote a whole paper on how media failed to cover the Wisconsin shooting as compared to the Aurora Shooting etc.

These people speak the media's language when they label Singhs as terrorists. I honestly think that media has a huge huge role in how our panth and how our struggles are portrayed. Our freedom fighters are labeled as terrorists. Operation Blue Star is seen as a "necessary step" by Indians because MEDIA portrayed Sant Ji and other jujharoo Singhs as terrorists! Indian media is so biased theres no point in watching it sometimes. Makes your blood boil. When Thakure died they made such a big deal about it. Was he not a terrorist???

Its like people don't want the truth. When movies that show reality are screened, people rarely watch them or care about them. When movies about dancing, love, lust etc are released in India its always houseful. Are people avoiding the truth purposefully? Do they not know their system is corrupt? They're obviously not blind but Media makes them blind. They are too busy in their sass bahu serials and they don't care about issues happening around them.

They're too busy trying to "justify their glorious democracy" to realize how crappy the system is there.

And I'm just talking about general Indian public. What about some of our apne? This weekend I was trying to talk to some family members about Professor Davinderpal Singh Bhullar's sentence and they had no clue what I was talking about. Really?

I know other minorities have it bad in India also. But sometimes it seems like the Sikhs have had it the worst.

(Sorry for the rant)

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