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marriage probs

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Guest no one

my husband and i keep arguing,i keep directing him towards sikhi and doing whats right bt he thinks i am telling him what to do

how cn i resolve these issues as they keep returning..

every1 thinks i can control his actions etc but he does what he wants..but i feel i get blamed as i am a woman

i believe his decisions and actions will affect me and our kids ..and jst dnt no what to do..and no1 else to turn to.....

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You truly can't control anyone. If there are small things like his habits you don't like or his small small actions, you will have to accept them. No man can like if he is controlled. He accepts you with your good and bad and so should you! People who tell you to control your husband are wrong - don't listen to them. True relations aren't made by controlling and forcing. They are made by love and acceptance.

But if there are more complex things about big decisions, then proper communication is very very important. You address your concerns and he will express his... then you both try to understand each other and each other's perspectives. And respect the differences!

If it is about sikhi values... even then you can't control him. It's all Guru Sahib's play! If you want him to be a better sikhi... best thing you can do is to become a better sikh yourself so he can look up to you and see. Honestly, it truly works! Play Gurbani in your house.. do simran everyday including nitnem. Do ardaas every single day to ask for gursikhi in your house. Do seva! That is all you need to do.

You inspire others with love, you can't control.

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Guest Guest

Some words of wisdom from an elderly uncle at Gurdwara.

" If you want your marriage to work then divide the day into three parts or zones.

One part do what you want and let your spouse do what he/she wants.

Second part come together and do things which you both like.

Third part do what your spouse wants you to do. "

This way both husband & wife can live in harmony.

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You haven't elaborated on what 'wrong' things he does but I will say this : Sikhi is not something you can force, lecture or scare someone into. It is, quite simply about feeling the love. I guarantee that if he makes a habit of attending the Gurdwara, getting involved in the children's activities in the Gurdwara etc, he will, before long, get an amazing feeling that will make him want to take even greater steps towards Sikhi without you having to say a word.

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    • Do you think our guys in the West are as prone to the dramatics as resorting to suicide? I personally think they've thrown in the towel; a quiet acceptance of defeat which is mostly attributable to the broader culture that has compounded the idea that it's toxic for a man to question a lady about her antics. 
    • If he's just going to kill himself on finding that out, that's unfortunate but fair enough. But don't start killing other people as well, including the b1tch. 
    • This is the absolute crux of the matter; to find a girl who's pretty enough to get the lad hot and bothered BUT not too pretty that her attractiveness has made her a target for other lads from the moment, as they say in Punjabi, her jawani char gayi in her mid-teens onwards. Before the undercover brahmgyanis chime in about prioritising kamayi and Gurmukh values, for those of our people who don't float around in their own little Satyug that keeps the rest of the Kalyugi world out (a bit like Trump's non-existent wall), these are valid considerations that should be looked at in detail for the rank-and-file people of our community. If the guy himself is between the 4-7 range of attractiveness, he needs to look for a girl within the same range. BUT Punjabi guys (and men in general) over-estimate their physical appeal. A man, more than anyone, has a tendency to inflate his own sense of being. He finds it very difficult to process that he may not be what he thinks he is. A guy in this 4-7 range (which is the vast majority of males on the planet) going after a 9 or 10 girl is living in cloud-cuckoo land if he thinks even a typically middle-class, middle-income job (£30-60k) is going to keep a top-tier girl placated for the next 40-50 years of her life (or at least until she lets her self go or hits the menopause depending on what comes first. Even then her appeal to men may fade, but her aadataa -- habits -- will be nigh on set in stone. If they're rotten since decades eariler, the guy is in for trouble). I'd go as far to say that even a multi-millionaire would need to be on-top of his game from the day he's married to the day he drops dead in order to keep a 9 or 10 as his wife. Today, more than ever, a girl's history counts so much. From what I've seen, the majority of apne guys live in a world that is detached from reality. They may consider themselves street-smart and worldly, but in many respects their understanding of the world is, IMO, based on an inaccurate simulation of a wider culture they don't truly understand. As such, those blind-spots is where they end up being blind-sided by the unforeseen. Then you've got to figure out whether her jawani had indeed gone to her head quite a while ago, or if she's been sensible with it. The answer to this question, IMO, comes IN PART from studying the immediate family, i.e. the dad, mum, and siblings.
    • If it's that important to you, you better be sharp. If you want to go for a beauty queen who's had guys buzzing around her from young, you might be setting yourself up for suicide. Use your brains to avoid this or you'll only have yourself to blame.  
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