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is dhunda doing katha in delhi gurudwara anymore?


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UKlondonsikh wrote

UK = Funny because certain people in your camp tend to believe our Sahibzade are re-incarnations of the same because that's what Chowk Mehta said



Absolute lie.Give us reference.had they said so they would lied flat in front of Indian army in Golden Temple.

Discussion is on dasam Granth sahib and Dasam Granth rejects incarnations of Hindu avtars as God.Chowk mehta taksal knows Dasam Granth better than us as they take santhiya of it.

Uk London sikh writes

UK = There are even more Gurmukhs who focussed on Sri Guru Granth Sahib daily as well as the authentic Bani of Dashmesh Pithah.


Whole bani of dasam granth sahib is from tenth master. What made you to say otherwise. RSS touts do not like this bani.

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He will not answer about meeting Giani sher singh ji as he is a fake posing as a sikh.

UK = See my answer to Waljinder Paji above. For the record I actually believe you to be sincere in your Sikhi. However, I believe your interpretation of Sikhi is seriously flawed. You want to see a smaller Panth going forward. I want to see a stronger Panth in the future with the emphasis on Gurmat and Shabad Guru rather than the paintings you GPS want Sikhs bowing before.

UK = Even the Taliban permit more debate than you (because they have strength in their convictions to a greater degree). A GurSikh should never be scared of open and honest discourse. If you're scared of communicating with me, I worry how you will handle Muslims, Christians and Hindu's?

UK = Nothing personal Paji but please may I humbly request you never to accuse me of not having full faith and reverence for Dhan Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj, the blessed founder of the Khalsa Panth at Sri Anandpur Sahib. Rabh Rakha

GPS = My Response, A RSS mole is calling us taliban. That is what typical Indian who propagates against sikhism in sugar coated language first do in the end. They have no positive input as they are here for propaganda sake like this man quoting one line out of context and ignoring whole of other bani.

UK = Weak. It's because you fear open discourse that you have to resort to shutting down debate. No Sikh on the planet should be afraid of what they see as the Truth. Everything our Guru Sahib uttered was the Truth, is the Truth and always will be the Truth. The Sangat on this forum is smart enough to decipher what's what. But it's entertaining that you consider me that :-) But it doesn't surprise me as you consider Amritdhari GurSikhs who follow Rehit Maryada to be non-Sikhs and you GPS want to see the Sikh Panth be a smaller and smaller population in the future.

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Chatanga = if you have questioned what ever Guru Gobind Singh has written, then you are questioning what Guru JI has said.

UK = Paji, who are you to claim to know what Guru Sahib has written outside of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj which Dhan Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj has ordered us to follow and focus upon. Please don't use the Bani of the Khalsa argument as I have full faith in the Bani of the Khalsa. The issues which I have a problem, which Mod Paji, won't permit discussion of at GPS+Ladli Paji's prompting are specific.

Chatanga = But that day, unfortunately will never come, because you are too weak to read Sri Dasam Granth yourself,

UK = If i have read it and post purely from DG, even then I am unable to post due to mod's instructions as it would cast doubt. Maybe cast your vote alongside whether this forum should be neutral on the issue and maybe you can educate me potentially.

Chatanga = and too stupid to realise that dhunda et all dont understand it themselves yet you choose to believe them.

UK = I held the opinions I did before I was ever aware of Sarbhjit Singh Khalsa (Dhunda) or Panthpreet Singh Khalsa etc, etc were

Chatanga = And then too shallow to admit, when correct interpretations of Sri Dasam Bani is put in front of you.

UK = Please note that GPS Paji has focussed on putting forward those parts which most Sikhs would not contest (myself included). Mod Paji deleted another specific part which many in the pro-Gurmat camp have issue with (including myself).

Chatanga = What made me laugh so much was the imbecility of uklondons gurus (dhunda et all), when they said that because the banis have different dates in their compositions they cannot be considered to be by one author.

UK = I don't so much focus on that (despite your analysis of his position being a gross mis-representation) but yeah when someone alleges that a Hindu Bedi King carved up the transmission of GurGaddi jyot succession in a previous lifetime thosuands of years in the past, then yes I do have questions about that as a Sikh.

Chatanga = they are a joke, but a dangerous one, because they have caused serious rifts in the panth.

UK = There should be no division in the Panth as a consequence of this. Those that accept today's DG as being 100% Gurbani, I personally have total respect for them as they clearly have so much shardha in Dashmesh Pithah that they won't even question anything. If those brothers like you see that others to whom Dhan Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj is the highest of the high have a different interpretation of what are truly Guru Sahib's words then it can be seen that both have equal reverence for Dashmesh Pithah and we should focus on those objectives where we all united for the Panth's Chardi Kallah such as drugs, alcohol, illiteracy, infanticide, bakhre bakhre Gurdwaray and pushing the agenda of Sikhi forward in Punjab, outside of Punjab and globally to have an impact globally with greater numbers (in a way that we cannot do with our current population)

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Whole bani of dasam granth sahib is from tenth master. What made you to say otherwise. RSS touts do not like this bani.

veerji i thought .. this man should be given benefit of doubt .... But u r spot on .......

one moment he talks like he is the most humble person .......

in a second he behaves like ..he know everything ... and we are idiots .....

his one post makes me go mad ........ when he say its better to make more n more sikhs ( u got it right )

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GPS = He is taking cover of Dhundha to widen that rift.

UK = Weak. I always try to stress Unity against the Panth's dushts and so that we as a Panth have pyaar between us whatever our opinions. Standing up for what one believes to be the Truth and according to Gurmat does not mean Sangat like myself want to see a rift.

GPS = He has another agenda also. He says whole India is sikh.

UK = I wish all of the Indian population and the World's population was Sikh. I know we would be living in Begumpura then. But no I'm not so naive as to think that 100% of the Indian population. I do believe that all the gareeb and oppressed and tribals in India are spiritually Sikh. I don't for one second believe your definition (which you share with the RSS+Shiv Sena) that such brothers are Hindu. I believe Hindu to be an Arabic word which the RSS have politically used to define 80% of the population in order to dominate a nation of 1.25 billion, when RSS number no more than 10 million in the country. By defining such natural Sikhs outside of the Panth as well as the Kabirpanthi's, Jatavs of Uttar Pradesh and Satnami and Sanatani Sikhs you play exactly the role the RSS wish you GPS to play.

GPS = People who smoke and believe in Hinduism are also sikhs.

UK = Do you seriously think that 100% of what currently claim to be our Panth don't smoke!? I believe Sadh Sangat can encourage those currently smoke, drink, do drugs, cut kes, abort female foetuses to drop all those vices and make the transition from Sehajdhari Sikhs to Amritdhari GurSikhs one day. But no you'd rather see those people go to Mandirs and vote with RSS-backed political parties rather than join the Sikh Panth, wouldn't you GPS Paji?

GPS = He gives arguement that sikhs number will rise.

UK = I don't apologise for that. You GPS are blatant about the fact that you want the Sikh Panth's numbers fall. You've taken on the task on declaring a few on here as non-Sikhs already, so God forbid if you were allowed to work your magic on a wider audience.

GPS = That is what RSS says that all those living in India are primarily Hindus

UK = Exactly, and you GPS Paji agree with the RSS

UK = I want the RSS to be wiped out be being left with no consituency and I truly want to see Sikhs be a majority of the population for Sarbat Da Bhala

GPS = and for that they say Hinduism is not a religion but primarily Indian civilization.

UK = Hinduism has nothing meritorious to offer the World as far as I believe. I believe Sri Guru Granth Sahib JI Maharaj offers the solutions to all problems afflicting Indians and the general population of the World. Indian civilisation means nothing to me. Nor do any of the devi devta's or Hindu Bedi Kings that you mention.

His opposition to Dasam Granth sahib is primarily rooted in their design

UK = As per Mod Paji's requested constraints on me expressing my opinion, I repeat that I have full faith in everything Dhan Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj said. But you GPS are human and I will continue to challenge your anti-Gurmat ideology wherever Mod Paji gives me the freedom to do so.

GPS = that this granth teaches sikhs to resist tyranny and infuses Bir Rass for dharam yudh ka chao.

UK = Wherever Guru Sahib teaches us that, I automatically agree with that as a Sikh. Resisting tyranny is what every Sikh believes in. If they don't believe in your GPS ideology then don't accuse them of being non-Sikh or atheist or going against Guru Sahib.

GPS = If you say as Ladli fauj said that there is no debate on scriptures then he calls us taliban.

UK = I didn't call you Taliban. I know that you GPS are a Sikh and a sincere one at that (albeit misguided in wanting a smaller population for Sikhs and wishing for a greater population of Hindu's). I merely pointed out that even the Taliban permit debate and accept that there are different schools of thought within their wretched ideology. Whenever people try to silence respectful debate within the Panth it only weakens our ability to deal with outsiders determinded to crush us. If you think I'm bad and if you think that Sarbhjit Singh Khalsa (Dhunda) and Bhai Panthpreet Singh Khalsa and the pro-Gurmat that wishes the Panth to focus on Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj and Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj's lifetime of Truth are the biggest enemies of Sikhi then I wonder how you will cope with Muslims terrorists or RSS terrorists?

The thing I could not understand is when Guru Granth Sahib ee's bani does not agree with his thinking proving miracles have occurred he says you are taking it too literal yet he himself will take Dasam bani too literal and refuse to accept Dasam bani in proper context.

UK = Come on Paji let’s not play the “literal” game. It’s pretty obvious what Laxmi, Durga etc refer to literally. If Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj says that there is no such bull (as per Hinduism) holding up the planet then surely we should not take the story of such a bull’s head being sliced off as being literally true?

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GPS = At least you can go and listen to him.

UK = I agree there is no harm in that. I would undoubtedly learn more about Sikhi. Would you go to listen to the katha of those Amritdhari GurSikhs whom you classify as non-Sikhs?

GPS = You will not accept this as you do not live in London and is not even a sikh.This i say after evaluating your posts.

UK = GPS Bhai Sahib, i challenge you to show this Sangat each and every point which according to you has been written by me against the Chardi Kallah of the Sikh Panth.

UK = I firmly believe everything I write. I look forward to you trying to expose an ordinary Sikh like me whose life owes everything to Sikhi that I am not a Sikh according to your GPS definition which you somehow assume has more importance than Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj's definition of a Sikh.

GPS = For sikhs not only Guru Granth shaib but all our scriptures, history and traditions demand loyalty. Lack of belief in any of them debars us to be claimed as a sikh.

UK = For Sikhs, Gurbani and scriptures, history and traditions in harmony with Gurmat are what reign supreme

UK = I will get back to you on the rest of your stuff later. If you try to silence a Sikh, saada haunslah hohr vee vadh'dhaii :-)

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