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He should have his own show on these channels I did happen to see one of his youtube video's on the Sikh channel but dont know if asked him to let them use it or they just used it randomly.

But he is doing great sewa he was born a mona sahejdhari Sikh I believer and then gradually became amritdhari. Every believer in Sikhism should be doing what he is doing. Reading the scriptures understanding them applying them to his/her life then explain them to others in english.

We do not have enough western born english speaking pachaaraks on any media platform at the moment compared to other major world religions.

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He is doing amazing seva. I recently came across thought..i wonder if its possible if bhai sahib ji and or senior gursikhs who are familiar and are into sikh mystic layer provide its assistance with bhai sahib ji and in calibration- create another cousin network- depth of sikhi where bhai jugraj singh veer also do parchar in depth of sikhi. ...Basic of sikhi and Depth of sikhi going hand in hand for parchar purposes..it be amazing.

I know guru's grace cannot be obtained by intellectually talking about depth of sikhi and that basic concept of love itself will go all the way..but vichar. bairaag and bibek- filtering good from bad are attributes which help this jev quite a bit to develop unconditional love for guru maharaj - worship that one jot of akaal purkh prevading in all..!!

Anyway thought just came last night..i thought i share.

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