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Adultery In Sikhism: What Should Be The Consequences In Sikh Maryada?

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Hi, I have had a similar experience, with some variations.I didn't have such compelling evidence. I am a Sindhi , my family is Hindu but we are sufi, sufiway.org/about-us/the-origins-of-sufism .During the partetion many of my elders found refuge with the Gurus and so we believe with the teachings and follow them. Anyhow I was married as per Sikh laws " LAVA" . After this experience I too felt or feel the need to search for Answers. Since we are Sufi we are free to search for peace in any faith. Upon searching I have found that Islam has the most complete laws for matrimonial issues. Having said that ,it is also one of the most toughest religions to follow faithfully.


For my particular situation , if I was Muslim I would have divorced by the process of Li an

Also during this time I have also found that this piggy backing is more common than anyone could imagine. One hear's stories all the time but never imagines it could happen to you. Until it does and it is devestating, traumatic, painful, and leaves life long scars.

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Indeed this sort of thing is pretty common. What's worse is the Punjabi community in general (not all people but a good amount) are now turning marriage into a buisness deal. Marry a girl/guy from India to get them here and then divorce them if need be. Sometimes this is done for either cash or some sort of benefit.

Hold on, do we as Sikhs believe in a devil? I know there's jamdoots, kalyug etc., but no one has really mentioned a devil before. If so, how is devil defined?

I've never heard of a "devil" being mentioned. This is if we're speaking about one like the one in Christianity or Islam.

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Hey man forget Religion. Human is an animal. Not every Human know the fear of the Lord. Don't worry just pray for the girls well being because when Lighting shall strike no will know. We as Humans can not punish anyone. Punjabi's in India have their own mentality, Canadians have their own mentality, UK is the same. If you have filed for Divorce that is fine nothing wrong with that as you are innocent. To some Gurbani has no meaning, they are stuck in their own world.

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If man was an animal, why does not he live in the jungle and see how animals behave and feels in his own self the consequences of being animal?

Why shoud we forget religion(bhakti as per our Guru Sahibans, and any true saints)?

When it is religion, the only available source which unites us back with our source.

Animals survive on their instincts.

Man survives and lives due to chetanta/consciousness present in him.

it is this akash element present is the human form which distinguishes him from the rest of the creation, and our consciousness level is a consequence of this element present in us.

Now, as per universal laws, as you indulge in, so you become.

You behave as an animal, you will surely be dragged to its level.

You behave as a human being, one matures and merges in divinity.

There is absolutely no force on nobody, it is one´s choice, what one wants to do with onés life/existence/presence.

Like for example, one may want to go to school and learn in life...or wander around uselessly and become a goon.

It is totally in one´s hands, what to do with one´s life.

We all know mostly, what is good or bad basically, and this undeniable...Other thing is, we may not want morality intentionaly...

Sat sree Akal.

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Per its definition, adultery can never occur before marriage. Illicit relations can occur between unmarried people; adultery cannot.

And, no, I've done either. :omg:

Although, what's the concensus (in terms of Sikhi or even Panjabi culture) on an engaged female (or male) partaking in physical relations with someone other than their intended? That's really poor isn't it?

but guys she was not a sikh before as she had extramarital affair and got pregnant then in her Bujjar kurahet mode busted his Amritdhari status as he associated initimately with a non-sikh within the marriage . I would state it straightforwardly that she had a depraved mentality and used the Veer as ticket to USA .

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