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emmmm........I don't say he is right or wrong but he had some sense in this video....Just guess if some other people could take the benefit of wearing dastaar??..Mere Mann wich b kade kade dar aunda va ke rabba is sikhi di pehchaan waali paag da koi asal wich koi najayaj fayda na chuk jaye........ki pta lokaan da...ithe rabb pulaai firde a ..fe dastaar ki cheez a unha lyi...

.btw I loved what he said in this video from 2.00 to 2.50.....

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Communist comrade hyper paranoid thinking, next thing these nut jobs will tell us - no problem go along be totally open, be dipsticks and pro-actively offer to remove all our clothes get our cavity checked all in name of 'fear mongering/ hyper parnioa. Are they flipping serious?

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I see this as an overall plan to get more Sikhs to stop wearing dastars. A Sikh with a dastar who get's hassled in life more would cause future generations to stop tying dastars. Which results in cutting hair and moving away from Sikhi for a hassle free life and blending into society. Much of the youth already state getting jobs and being accepted in society is becoming harder and harder as more restrictions are being put on people with dastars. Seem like he knows the outcome and is pushing for it.

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his mind is over - imaginative!

The authorities have sniffer dogs specially trained to pick up scent of drugs. They will then proceed document checks and whatever next. 1 or more agencies will work on verifieing who the person is. It is not a Religious masslah crime is crime. Agencies work and co liaise with different Nations and entities with sikhs in their cadres too.

Is Dhunda suggesting generic public of punjabis can misuse the turban as a vehicle to smuggle drugs or was he more concerned about the identity of the Turban being scrutinised by the Public and Media in the event of a smuggling op?

he needs a chill pillax because if and when that happens the Authorities are on the ball with measures.

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    • really nice thread¬†ūüĎ欆
    • idk if it is but if it is the r/sikh mod he is nice and not rude...
    • is it the same turbanator from youtube who comment on every basics of sikhi video¬†
    • yes bibi rajni was married off to a leper by her father for her refusal to worship him instead of raam/gopal/akaal purakh she remained firm and took her husband village to village and was now thrown into a life of poverty she was married to a disabled man with leprosy and was told by her father to deal with the consequences of not worshipping him and told her to go find her waheguru/akaal purakh/raam now she carried her leper husband in a tokra basket on her head through villages and did work like a banjaras at different households until she reached amritsar sarovar she left (probably for work), while husband went for sarovar and when he came out he was cured (some versions say sikh villagers around told him to jap waheguru as he took the dip) he held onto a twig on a tree with his pinky so he wouldnt drown as he took ishnan he was cured but bibi rajni his wife did not recognize him so there was commotion to which villagers told them to go to dhan dhan sri guru raam das ji to whom bibi rajni begged for the man in front of her to be punished thinnking he killed her husband¬† but guru sahib told the¬†(husband) to show his chichi (pinky finger) which wasn't dipped in the sarovar and thus remained with leper marks which proved that he was indeed the husband (he was told by guru sahib to dip the finger and his finger was cured as well to which bibi rajni believed him) duni chand the arrogant father of bibi rajni came and asked for forgiveness, and i think he had four daughters or so and no son and thus adopted the former lepor as his son¬† one of my favorite sakhis from childhood¬†
    • I am from cali, and at least a third of kids here are stoners I know a guy who often ties a pagg to school (sometimes a simple pendu parna) and I have caught him vaping some times in the bathroom¬†
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